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  1. N U MARATHON 11163 Tamimi TRL E NAPLES, FL 34113 (239)417-1646

    Best price! Non ethanol gas cost as much as super!!

  2. J Ballard Lawrenceburg, TN


  3. Tyanne

    Great stuff, you helped me out so much!

  4. The Spot The Spot 2267 Smokey Park Hwy. Candle N.C, 28716

    Has Ethanal Free gas! Go visit if your out are way. Great friendly place like family. Discount Tobacco, Gas, & Diesal.

  5. Paul Palm Bay, Fl 32908

    I'm trying to locate ethanol free fuel in the Palm Bay , Fl. area anyone know where I can buy GOOD fuel?

  6. Wayne Barto Knoxville, TN

    Can someone tell me how current the information on ethanol-free gas stations shown on this map is? Thanks!

  7. karl lincolnton nc 28092

    where is the closest ethanol free fue nearest me, How do i know what percent of ethanol is in the fuel I purchase? the attendants i ask never know

  8. pat murray destin, fl

    where in the ft. walton beach and destin area?

  9. pat murray destin, fl

    where in the ft. walton beach and destin area?

  10. raymond orlando

    Trying to find pure gas in the Orlando area

  11. raymond orlando

    Trying to find pure gas in the Orlando area

  12. mike McInerny United States

    Could you please send me the kml file? Thanks



  14. W P Dunn South Bossier Parish Louisiana

    Looking for Castor Bean oil source (not too pricey)

  15. roger keel murfreesboro, tn 37130

    please e-mail locations of ethanol free gas stations in my area, thanks

  16. sarah learned 37066

    Gallatin, tn

  17. Ramon Mascotte Fl. 34753

    I own 1974 chevy nova and no run rigth

  18. kelvin snellville

    Looking for ethanol,free gas

  19. Richard Burlington,nc 27215

    Which stations in my area

  20. richard 28227


  21. Addison Brandon

    Gas stations in Brandon, MS

  22. John Hartong Crystal River, FL

    Whetstone Oil Co ( Pure Oil) has Ethanol-free pumps..89 Octane only

  23. Jerry Ketchens West Monroe Louisiana

    I have a 2002 thunderbird that requires ethanol free gas where to find in west Monroe louisiana

  24. Dwight Jackson Stanley NC

    Where can I find ethanol free gasoline for my old cars?

  25. Lee Culver Miami, Fl

    What gas stations in the Miami area sell gas without ethanol?

  26. Karen I Strawn Louisiana

    Having a "bad gas" situation in S Louisiana. Need 0% ethanol.

  27. willy schmidt orlando, florida

    looking for gas station that sells non ethanol gas

  28. john jay fl. 32565

    looking for local non eth. gas

  29. Hugh Webster Burlington, NC

    To Richard: There is a Shell station open 24/7 at southeast of I85/40 and Hwy 49 sells real gasoline at about 30 cents premium over the alcohol s**t.

  30. Hugh Webster Danville, Va

    Who sells ethanol-free gasoline in Danville, Virginia?

  31. Don Hoover Inverness. Fl.

    Looking tor ethanol-free gas around Inverness.

  32. Mark Maliniak St Helena Island, S.C. 29920

    There is a new station on Route 21 heading towards Frogmore. It has ethanol-free and marine fuel.

  33. Dave Stafford Palm Coast Florida

    Just Moved Here, fuel mileage fell to 25 MPG from 31 MPG. Can Not Afford Ethanol! Please Say There is Ethanol free gas near this city? That Is Palm Coast Florida.

  34. Rick Atkins Bloomington Il.

    would like to find pure gas other than at the mower shops for over $5 a quart.

  35. Barry Eustis FL

    ethanol damage to my Prius, $868.00

  36. Jeffery Weiss Irvington, KY. 40146

    Looking for non ethanol fuel in my area. Internet has been no help. Keeps sending me from search to search, no direct site to look at. Hope you can help.

  37. jim davis Altamonte Springs Fl.

    send location of non ethanol gas in my area

  38. Steve Dula Granite Falls NC 28630

    Looking for good gas in my area for classic car

  39. George Winfield Pensacola FL

    Is there an ethanol free gas station in my area ? Thanks .

  40. lewis arant 29169

    Is there an ethanol free gas station in my area? Thanks