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  1. Bobcat

    Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

  2. Gerald D Brooks Bishop Texas

    Looking for stations without ethanol to use in my boat

  3. John Kindel Wichita KS

    Any ethanol free stations in Wichita?

  4. charles bucy texas

    great organization!

  5. charles bucy texas

    great organization!

  6. Frank Ruege Jr Kansas City,Mo

    Found out that Hy-Vee on Barry Rd near I-29 is constructing a gas station that WILL NOT be pumping ethanol free high test gas as a result of moritorium imposed by state.

  7. Lane Stafford Austin, Texas

    No ethanol free gas to be purchased in Travis county?

  8. Gary Glenn Abilene TX

    Can't find any in Taylor, Callahan, Nolan, or Fischer either. Found it in Las Cruses NM the other day.

  9. John Kent The Woodlands, TX

    Wow, I'm disappointed that there are no E-free gas stations anywhere near where I live - which is just north of Houston. Not even any in the Houston area. Really to bad. If anyone knows of one that isn't on this map please let me know.

  10. David Willis Houston Lots of stations in Texas.... see maybe someone can add more...I call and found one in Fayetteville, Texas off of Hwy 71 a SHAMROCK that carries it....

  11. Rex Morley Wichita, Ks area

    Quicktrip corp, Wichita, Ks., just put in "E" free pumps at kellogg & broadway, and harry & webb road, both 87 octain (test trial stations for the product), and a station at kellogg & greenwich has the preiumn version (recently dropping the other two grades when new owner took over from conoco). 2007 5.3 1/2 ton pickumup, that has to use approx. 3.3 more gals of E-fuel to go the same distance with non alcohol on a 20 gal fill up, and cost's of non E- fuel is running about .10 to .15 cents more per gallon, whcih saves me about $8 to $9 a 20 gal fill up - 340 miles on 20 gals of E-fuel, versus 400 on pure , not counting the .80 cent per 20 gal of 10% E- fuel for Fed subsidy that we all pay. I drive 23, 000 to 27,000 miles a given year. One might call their local QT local office to see if they are doing the same in YOUR area. Rex

  12. grant theriot AMITE L.A. 70422


  13. ross brewster longview,tx.

    looking for e-o gas in east texas

  14. greg 65775

    need pure gas in west plains, MO

  15. Jess Hewitt Houston Texas

    HYPERFUELS at 12455 Westpark Drive sells packaged ethanol free fuel including fuels for Marine use and historic autos.

  16. anthony pensacola fl

    looking for non ethanol gas in pensacola

  17. Jess Hewitt Fredericksburg, TX

    Express Care has ethanol free gasoline at the pump

  18. Butch Schertz TX

    I moved to TX one year ago from Minnesota where there was a BP gas station everywhere with no ethanol in there fuel. BP corporate headquarters in Houston. So where is BP here in tx? The best fuel I've used and now forced to use crap fuel here. Where is no ethanol fuel in TX?