Mystery Vehicle

February 11, 2014

Thank you to everyone who submitted guesses. As most of you noted, this was an AC Invacar. 

 If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. This basic black, fully adjustable cap features an adjustable fit and the HVA emblem on the front. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, February 28th. 


  1. david texas

    1952 Bond

  2. Roger Shrimpton UK

    AC Invacar Model 70

  3. Larry Szostak Illinois

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70

  4. Lance Dill United States

    Definitely an AC Invacar Model 70

  5. Ian Holmes Minnesota

    AC Invacar Model 70 without a doubt.

  6. Eric Lambeth Texas

    1990 Trabant P50

  7. Tom Helman Washington

    The weird AC Invacar Model 70.

  8. Bill Downs United States

    1976 - 195 Thundersley Invacar model 70

  9. C. B. Kaye Michigan

    1976 AC Invalid Carriage

  10. Walt M. TN

    It's a 1971 Thundersley Invacar Model 70 (by AC)

  11. Dean Greenblatt Michigan

    Invacar Model 70

  12. rud niles katonah, ny

    It's that old British car --- the Invacar

  13. Robert Rodgers Noank, CT

    It appears to be a Reliant Robin, built by Reliant Motor Company in Tamworth, England. Judging by headlight it is 1981-83 build year.

  14. Bob Drane Ohio

    Looks like an Invacar Model 70

  15. Bill Webb USA

    Thundersley Invacar 70

  16. Alec South Carolina

    The DNSS contracted AC Invacar Model 70.

  17. Don Verrico

    1968 invacar Model 70

  18. Don Baker Rhode Island

    50's Nash Metropolitan

  19. Jan New York

    a Reliant Robin

  20. rdgc indianapolis

    Nash Metropolitan

  21. James Ross LI, New York

    AC Invalid Carriage 1976

  22. Patrick Lane United States

    AC Invacar (not the Model 70 folks, that one had extra side mirrors and parking lights).

  23. Bob Scholten Jenison, Michigan

    1977 AC Invacar Model 70

  24. James Crum Salem, OR

    Thundersley Invacar Model 70

  25. Murray Mitchell Texas

    Its in Invacar, supplied to people of disability in the UK in the '60s & '70s. I guess a little late as the answer has already been given. The engine was a Villiers, a two stroke if I recall correctly, and was very popular among the karting community for its excellent tuning possibilities.The model 70 was produced by AC Cars of AC Cobra Fame, interesting combination!

  26. Norm Indiana

    1971 Thundersley Invacar Model 70 (by AC)

  27. Ken Jackson Largo FL

    AC Invacar - this particular example is a "P" reg , NPN 924P , I seem to recognize the damage between the headlight down to the front bumper area.

  28. ken southern ca

    Inavacar 12c

  29. Theodore Indycar Los Angeles CA

    Definitely an Invacar Model 70, probably 1975/76 vintage finished in their customary 'Ministry Blue'. We used to take the Villiers 147 cc two stroke engines from the earlier models and bore them out and race them in karts in the 210cc class when I was at school in the mid/late 70's. We could get well over 120 mph from the bored out, tuned Villiers in a kart.The later Invacar models like this one had a four stroke 500 cc Puch motor and we're good for about 80 mph Small wonder they were eventually banned in the UK, particularly since they were owned by the government and leased to their owners.

  30. paul North Andover MA

    1955-57 Reliant

  31. paul North Andover MA

    1955-57 Reliant

  32. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh Pa

    1976 AC Invacar (Invalid Carriage)

  33. Jon Schultz Scottsdale

    1977 AC invacar

  34. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    invacar model 67 acedes

  35. JOHN RAINES Corry, PA.

    195 Thundersley Invacar model 70 (1976)

  36. BOB OBERAIGNER United States

    Inavacar probably?

  37. P Johnson Rochester Hills Mi

    The Thundersley Invacar Model 70 three wheeler was designed by AC, the same company that gave us the AC Cobra, and was in production from 1971 until 1978, it was three metres (9 foot 9 inches) in length and 1 metre 37cm (4 foot 6 inches) wide. The ice blue fiberglass shell with twin sliding doors offered room for a driver and their wheelchair (folded up beside them) storage was in the front of the car, as the engine was in the boot, which offered room for your shopping and there was also a parcel shelf behind the driver for additional storage.

  38. Paul Earthrowl Braselton GA

    74 reliant scimitar

  39. Renee Morgan Arizona

    Simple, it is a 1976 AC Invalid Carriage from the UK

  40. Doc Florida

    AC Invacar Model 70

  41. otto lies holden, ma

    Likely an Invacar, not a model 57, that leaves the Thundersley Invacar Model 70 

  42. T Adams Holland, MI

    AC Invacar Model 70 definitely.

  43. Gayle Wisniewski Eastlake, Ohio

    1924 A.C. Royal Roadster

  44. chas va

    ac invacar model 70

  45. Amanda Alberta

    AC Invacar Model 70

  46. Elmer Oltmann Ohio

    AC Invacar Model 70

  47. Ron New Jersey

    AC Invacar

  48. Michael Williamson California

    1976 Thundersley/AC Invacar Model 70

  49. Peter Toronto, On

    Invacar - designed for the UK government and leased to handicapped people. In my recollection they were all this shade of blue. UK government recalled and scrapped the remaining ones on the road in the early 2000's - deeming them unsafe.

  50. mike rossi vashon,wa.

    1976 AC Invalid Carriage car

  51. Mark Glenn Denver

    This is a 1973 Thundersley AC Invacar Model 70

  52. Mark Raughton United States

    AC Invacar Model 57

  53. Elizabeth Teoman Rancho Mirage, CA

    This is a 1976 AC (Auto Carriers Ltd.) Cars Invalid Carriage three wheeler. Built by AC Cars of England. THe company started in 1903 and continued in spurts through current times. At one point, Carol Shelby used AC frames for his now legendary AC Cobra by putting big V8 engines in the very light AC chassis. This example is not the one used by Shelby.

  54. ann wingo Tennessee

    1976 Invacar Model 70

  55. Shawn Matson Minnesota

    This is a 1968 model 70 invacar

  56. Chris South Windsor, CT

    1976 Invalid Carriage built in the United Kingdom by AC. It was a 3 wheeled vehicle provided by and subsidized by the National Health Service for people with physical disabilities.

  57. Andrew San Diego, CA

    1976 AC Invalid Carriage

  58. Dave Alberta, Canada

    Thundersley Invacar Model 70, 1976 Invalid Carriage, UK. Handle bar steering and doors that slid back out of the way.

  59. Mike Haidet San Jose, Ca


  60. Hal Morris United States

    it's an invacar possibly a model 57

  61. Fredrick Burton Texas

    This is a 1976 AC Invalid Carriage. By AC CAR LTD.

  62. R L ROBERTS United States

    The Thundersley/AC INVACAR model 70

  63. Dick Olathe KS

    Reliant Robin, built by Reliant Motor Company in Tamworth, .Probably late 70's or early 80's.

  64. Satch Lawrenceville, GA

    Could this be a Peel (mini car) from the Isle of Man

  65. jettajaf MA

    AC Invacar Model 70 circa 1973

  66. jettajaf MA

    AC Invacar Model 70 circa 1973

  67. Larry Hammer Peru,Indiana

    It looks to me like a ac invacar model 70 in the year of 1975

  68. Glenn Brummer Indianapolis, IN

    It's an AC Invacar model 70 - a 3 wheeled UK Government owned fiberglass 'Ministry Blue' vehicle for the disabled. A guess would be 1973.

  69. Larry P San carlos ca

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70

  70. Larry P San carlos ca

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70

  71. Glenn Long Island, NY

    AC Invalid Carriage 1976

  72. Steve Massachusetts

    Definitely a Hemi Roadrunner...

  73. Vintage Bob Virginia

    It's an AC Thundersley Invacar model 70 for sure.

  74. bob schubert richmond texas

    1969 AC Invacar model 67

  75. Rich Cold Wisconsin

    Invacar Model 70 in light blue!

  76. Patrick Pierce Sun City Az

    AC Invacar model 70

  77. Donna Landon Port Huron, Michigan

    1976 AC Thundersley Model 70 Ivacar

  78. Dan Ottawa, Ontario

    The Invacar Model 70. Manufactured for the better part of the 1970s.

  79. Chuck Hartman Monroe, GA

    Invacar Model 70

  80. rich chardon, ohio

    It is an Invacar

  81. JSL ohio

    It is a invalid carriage from Brittan.

  82. Ken Day Clarksville,TN

    1970 Model 70 Thundersley Invacar

  83. Fern windsor,ontario

    AC Invacar Model 70 (1975)

  84. Rick Lexington, KY

    It is a 1971 AC Invacar (Model 70)

  85. Rod Harruff Indiana

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70

  86. Steve Pacific, Mo

    Nash Metropolitan.. Friend of mine had one a very long time ago..

  87. John McKenzie Endicott, N.Y.

    Some communist block POS.

  88. Doug Hawthorne, NJ

    1975 DALE

  89. Walter Skinner Bunker Hill, WV

    I believe it is an Invacar from the late 60 or early 70's.

  90. Evan Nepa

    Invacar model 70.

  91. Ted Ontario Canada

    INVACAR MODEL 70 (Take it to the bank)

  92. Steve Turner Battle Creek, MI

    I believe it is a Reliant from the UK, perhaps a 1980's model.

  93. George Braddock Twin Lakes, WI

    1973 Invacar model 70

  94. George Braddock Twin Lakes, WI

    1973 Invacar model 70

  95. C Keen Waterford, MI

    Invacar Model 70 circa 1975/76

  96. Erling Onsager Jacksonville

    model 70 Thundersley Invacar (by AC)

  97. Lou Peragine Lindenhurst, NY

    AC Invacar Model 70

  98. Lou Peragine Lindenhurst, NY

    AC Invacar Model 70

  99. Ron Wilson McKinney TX

    1976 AC Invalid Carriage

  100. Pete Dionne Vicksburg MS

    I do feel this is a INVACAR Early 1950's there are not so many around any more,very few, a very simple auto with a 3 cylinder engin

  101. Brandon Dallas, TX

    AC Invacar Model 70

  102. Cazs Bakersfield ,Ca

    1976 AC Invacar

  103. Phil Silverstone

    AC Invacar. Fond memories of seeing these at Football matches in the 70s!

  104. Jim Petrie Indiana

    invacar model 70

  105. isidoor nieuwlandt Belgium

    english built,famous for tip-over when driven 'to fast'

  106. James Guibord Dearborn Heights, MI

    Model 70 Invacar

  107. Harold Whitehall, N.Y.

    ac invacar model 70 from thanks Harold

  108. Carl Boggs Pontiac, MI

    Invacar Model 70

  109. David Sinclair United States

    Reliant Robin 3 wheel invalid car. Distributed to invalid / handicapped people by U.K. Nation Health and Social system in 60s' and 70s'

  110. Stephen NorthWest

    It's definitely a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.

  111. Stephen Tacoma

    AC Invalid Carriage 1976

  112. Ray White Taylors, S C

    Invacar model 70

  113. Da house

    Its a bathtub with a headlight

  114. Gerry Brussaard Oakville

    1973 Invacar

  115. Jim Braun Brooklyn, NY


  116. John United States

    Invacar They are motorised trikes with a fibreglass shell designed for driving on the road - a kind of one-person car which made disabled people more mobile. Read all about them at

  117. Scott Barton Huson MT

    A mid 70'a Thundersley Invader model 70

  118. Gary Sacramento

    1969 AC Invacar

  119. Ken Knapp Sandy Hook CT. USA

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70

  120. Michael Jones Romulus, Mi

    It is an INVACAR model 70

  121. Bonnie Codd Finksburg, Maryland

    1976 AC Invacar Model 70 without a cute and different!

  122. Ron Larsen Longmont Co

    Its a 1967 AC Invacar Model 70

  123. Mike Seroke North Canton, Ohio

    AC Invacar Model 70

  124. Frank Eldersburg, Md.

    It appears to be a 1971 Thundersley Invacar Model 70 designed by AC ( the same company that made the AC Cobra). Rear engine car with variable special interior features designed as a commuter car for disabled people in England during the 1970's. I believe they were all distinguished by the same color light blue.

  125. Cliff Drury Altoona, pa

    1976 Thundersley

  126. Sam Genovesi Greenville, PA

    AC Acedes Invacar Model 70

  127. Suzy Conover United States

    It should be the Reliant Robin- a three wheeler with the single wheel at the front. Known to have reliability issues. (thanks, Basil)

  128. Thomas Pindroh Maple Heights, Ohio

    AC INVACAR model 70

  129. Roy Doolin Hardin TX 77561

    It looks like a 3-wheel model 70 AC Invicar from England. The doors slid forward, to accommodate a driver who used a wheel chair, and had handle bars instead of a steering wheel. They had a fiberglass body and were painted Ministry Blue They were owned by the government and leased to handicapped drivers.

  130. John Royle California

    Definitely a Bond, made for the United Kingdom's Ministry of Health. They were assigned to severely handicapped persons.

  131. Geoff Robinson Fort Collins, Colorado

    You have had a lot of good information on this micro-car. That is definitely a Model 70 Invacar made for the UK ministry of Health. The year is a little more difficult, likely mid-70s. I cheated a bit and found this photo of the Invacar on the internet to get a bit more information on it. It has a license plate of "JNJ135L" "L" Plate cars licensed in the UK with that sort of registration were built in 1972 or 1973. This one probably has a 500 cc Steyr-Puch engine. Being more specific is tough as these micro cars were built in several shops. It was smaller than the AC Petite built in the 1950s and definitely smaller that the Robin Reliant 1973-2002. Here is a good web site on the car. gcr

  132. Bob Solak United States

    Thundersley Invacar

  133. Andrew Breault Fair Oaks, Ca.

    1975 Invacar Mod. 70 (Thundersley)???