Name That Vehicle

September 10, 2013

Take your best guess at the make and model of this TV family car for a chance to get a gift from the Historic Vehicle Association delivered to your door. 

If you think you have the answer, just head over to the HVA’s Facebook page, or log your best guess in the comments section below. Guess correctly and you have a chance to get a cool HVA ballcap for your trouble. The cap is basic black, fully adjustable to fit any sized head, and features the HVA emblem on the front and the FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) emblem on the back. One winner will be drawn randomly from the pool of correct responses on Friday, September 20th.


  1. Morten Lien Norway

    1961 Plymouth Savoy, or Fury

  2. Bruce Berry SC

    Ward Cleaver's car!Leave It To Beaver.

  3. tami ramirez colo.spgs,colo

    1960 rambler

  4. Gerry Port Charlotte, Fl

    It's a 1961 Plymouth

  5. Terry Bird Atlanta, GA

    That's a full size 1961 Plymouth; either a Fury, a Belvedere, or a Savoy. you can't miss that front end.

  6. blu Guntersville AL

    Definitely a 1961 Plymouth!

  7. Phil DeCaprio Connecticut

    1959 Plymouth

  8. kelly boutell clackamas oregon

    1961 plymouth

  9. EARL Baugher Albuquerque

    1959 DeSoto

  10. Cathy Hunt Henry Verstraten Sullivan Insurance

    1957 Ford

  11. mike boulka minneapolis, mn

    Ward Cleaver's 1961 Plymouth Fury, 4 door hardtop-no post. From the show "Leave It To Beaver".

  12. Blake Dupon Grand Rapids, MI

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  13. Richard Achron Richmond, BC Canada

    1961Plymouth Fury

  14. matt Concie Seattle

    I think its a Plymouth belvader

  15. A. Garrety Lancaster, PA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  16. Mike Geiger Livonia, Mi.

    1961 Plymouth

  17. Vicky Bosma Norcross, Georgia

    1961 plymouth-My Mom had one!

  18. Mike Harling Dallas, TX

    '61 Plymouth

  19. Randy Guyer Minnesota

    1960 Plymouth

  20. Neil Federman Woodstock, Ga

    That is Ward Cleavers car. It is a Plymouth Fury

  21. John Ford Scottsdale, Az.

    Plymouth Fury

  22. Bill Eshem Columbus, Ohio

    1961, Plymouth, Belvedere

  23. Bill Brunia Des Moines IA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  24. Arthur Andersen Boston area

    full size 1959 Plymouth Savoy

  25. Bob Rank Waldorf Md

    1961 plymouth fury

  26. Larry Merchantz Evergreen park, IL

    It's Ward Cleavers 1961 Plymouth from the Leave It To Beaver show. A 1961 Plymouth was also used as a squad car on Car 54 Where Are You? show during the 1961 season.

  27. Dave Spring Hill Fl.

    1960 Plymouth,Savoy

  28. Damian Macaluso Clearwater, FL

    1961 Plymouth for sure. Proibably a Savoy or Belvedere. The Fury had more chrome.

  29. Bies New York

    Plymouth Savoy - 60 or 61

  30. Bill Brunia Des Moines IA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  31. thomas hontz Quakertown, Pa

    1961Plymoth Fury

  32. Donald J. Dobbins West Lafayette, Ohio

    Plymouth Fury from Leave It To Beaver

  33. Eric Koomler NW Indiana

    Ward Cleaver's 1960 Plymouth Fury

  34. dave dolderer ny

    chrysler new yorker

  35. Chuck Martin Ava, Missouri

    1961 Plymouth

  36. Susan Owen Anderson, SC

    Sheriff Andy Taylor's police car!

  37. Chuck Martin Ava, Missouri

    1961 Plymouth

  38. Bill Brunia Des Moines IA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  39. Chuck Martin Ava, Missouri

    1961 Plymouth

  40. Al Brown Ma.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  41. Dan Denning Montrose Colorado

    It,s a 1961 Plymouth

  42. Howard Lee Toronto ON Canada

    1961 Plymouth Savoy - my Dad bought one from Mills & Hadwin Chrysler Plymouth on Yonge St. in Toronto in fall of 1960. (He thought it was the lesser of two evils compared to the 1961 Dodge). It was a 2 door in white, with blue vinyl seats and 3 on the tree. First night at home in the garage, the generator fell off of the engine. It was towed the next morning back to the dealer, which was a bad omen. Over the next 6 months, it experienced at one time or another the following: front windshield leak on my Mom's feet, windshield wipers that would quit in the rain (but work fine at the dealer when dry), transmission stuck in first and would not shift to any other position, transmission stuck in reverse and I recall Mom driving backwards from dropping me off at school all the way home; trunk filled with water in the rain, constant stalling, horn ring broke off the steering wheel when it stuck in the "on" position (and Dad lost it) plus other issues. In May 1961 Dad traded it for a Mercury Comet, same colour and options - he was pretty happy after that! Still love the style - sure was a unique car in more ways than one....

  43. Ron Carlile Raleigh, NC

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Fury

  44. david lamb lincoln, nebraska


  45. Roger Parent Middleboro Ma

    Without a doubt a Plymouth, Fury most likely

  46. pcobb Denver

    Chrysler Imperial

  47. Dick Knoll Humble, TX

    1961 Dodge Polara

  48. Jim Kukura Shamong, NJ

    1961 full size Plymouth

  49. Dick Knoll Humble, TX

    1961 Dodge Polara

  50. Ted lebida N. Fort Myers Fla.

    1961 Plymouth

  51. jeff massachusetts

    1961 plymouth

  52. Russ Ramsey Vandenberg AFB

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  53. George Burgess Michigan

    1961 Plymouth

  54. Geoffrey Drummond United States

    1962 Plymouth Fury

  55. Bonnie Bower Amissville, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  56. Scott Knees Beaverton Oregon

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  57. Dean Champine Wausau, WI

    1961 Plymouth, C body. My Dad still has one

  58. Steve Novak Sayre, Pa.

    It is definitely a 1961 Plymouth, probably a Fury. A face only a mother could love!



  60. Herb Kaiser West Bloomfield

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  61. roberts anniston al

    1961 plymouth

  62. Ronald Morrison Oak Park, IL

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere or Fury

  63. Robert Perrone Virginia Beach, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury - Ward Cleaver's car on Leave It To Beaver

  64. Robert Perrone Virginia Beach, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury - Ward Cleaver's car on Leave It To Beaver

  65. Mark Bretl Dousman, WI

    It's a '61 Plymouth and yes, Ward Cleaver's car on "Leave It To Beaver".

  66. Gordy Pehrson St. Paul, MN.

    This is a 57 Plymouth Belvedere

  67. Lauernce Rudne Colchester CT

    1960 Plymouth Fury

  68. don zettlemoyer state college, pa

    1960 DeSoto

  69. Jeff Versteeg Petersburg, MI

    The 1961 Plymouth Fury from 'Leave It To Beaver'

  70. Randy lindsay on. canada

    1961 plymouth owned one in late 60s but got written off going thru guard rails anddown a rocky ditch both my buddy and i walked away no injuries

  71. Brad Guelph, Ontario

    1961 Plymouth (Fury, Savoy, or Belvedere)

  72. Brad Guelph, Ontario

    1961 Plymouth (Fury, Savoy, or Belvedere)

  73. Randy lindsay on. canada

    1961 plymouth owned one in late 60s but got written off going thru guard rails anddown a rocky ditch both my buddy and i walked away no injuries

  74. Frank Hooley Derry, NH

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4 door Hardtop

  75. dennis donohue Atlanta, Ga.

    Full size 1960 Plymouth.

  76. Pete Loscalzo Lebanon, NJ

    1961 Plymouth Polara

  77. Tommy Big V-8 Vega Burniston Erie, PA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  78. Lynn R. Groth Scottsdale< Az

    1961 Plymouth

  79. Larry Barker Sterling Heights, Michigan

    1961 Plymouth Fury/Sport Fury

  80. Craig Arroyo Grande

    That is a 1961 Plymouth Fury Four-Door Hardtop with the oval steering wheel. It was driven by all four of the main characters in Leave It To Beaver in different episodes. The license plate is: 31844.

  81. Jay Meeks St. Simons Island, Ga

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Fury 4-door hardtop from the TV series Leave It To Beaver.

  82. Jackie Toccoa,Ga

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  83. Roger B'ham

    Definitely and 59 or 60 Buick rearend. Definitely.

  84. Mark Conca Rockingham, VT

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  85. Clinton Forbis Kannapolis, NC

    1961 Plymount Fury

  86. mike Jarvie Orange County California

    A 1961 full sized Plymouth. I bought my first new car a '60 Plymouth Belvedere hardtop a few months before they came out with the new models. it was the last Plymouth with tail fins.

  87. Colin Gilmer Texas

    It IS a 61 Plymouth, probably a Fury 4-door hardtop (Ward Cleaver's).

  88. CJ Arnold Dallas, TX

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4-door hardtop

  89. Michael Stevenson Denver, N C

    1961Plymouth Fury

  90. Leslie Schoeck Norman, Oklahoma

    It is a 1961 Plymouth Savoy or Fury

  91. John Hawbecker South Carolina

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  92. John Kreimer Woodstock, GA

    1960 Plymouth Fury. Like the one Peter Gunn drove.

  93. Ray Koziol USA

    1961 Plymouth

  94. John Ouderkirk Grand Ledge, MI

    1961 Plymouoth Savoy

  95. al carbone utica n.y.

    1961 PLYMOUTH

  96. Michael Dworkin San Francisco, CA

    1960 Plymouth

  97. Werner Christman Grayling,Mi 49738

    it 1961 Plymouth Fury that for sure

  98. Bob Dudeck Sarver,Pa.

    1961 Plymouth Fury - As a ten year old in the fall of 1960, I thought the new '61 Pymouths (and Dodges) had to be the ugliest cars ever! But now 53 years later comparing them with the hideous proportions of most of the current popular transportation appliances, the old '61 Mopars appear much more pleasing to the eye.

  99. Peter Olesen Sterling Heights Mi

    1961 Plymouth

  100. David Burdette Cape May Court House, New Jersey

    It's a 1961 Plymouth

  101. Barry Buchanan shelbyville indiana

    i think 1961 plymouth sport suburbon

  102. Larry McCommon Naples, Fl

    Plymouth Valiant

  103. Steve Dawson San Diego

    Plymouth Fury

  104. Mark Lunsford Lakewood, Colorado

    Car 54, Where are You? The car is a 1961 Savoy used in the 1961-1963 Sitcom from NBC

  105. Bill Horse Shoe, NC

    '61 Plymouth - probably Fury

  106. Mark Lunsford Lakewood, Colorado

    Car 54, Where are You? The car is a 1961 Savoy used in the 1961-1963 Sitcom from NBC

  107. Ed Springer Chula Vista, CA

    61 Plymouth Fury Savoy

  108. Sanny Atl

    2014 Corvette

  109. Len Davis Roanoke, TX

    1961 Plymouth Belvadeer

  110. Roger van Hoy Vancouver, WA

    1961 Plymouth, full size, looks like a hardtop which would be a Fury or Belvedere.

  111. stanals home

    1961 Plymouth

  112. Larry Szostak Hickory Hills, Il

    It's the 1961 Plymouth 4 door Fury from the TV series "Leave It To Beaver"

  113. JP Virginia

    Ward Cleaver's 1961 Plymouth Fury!

  114. John Schlageck Kansas

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  115. Mike California

    1961 Plymouth Savoy or Belvedere

  116. Mike California

    1961 Plymouth Savoy or Belvedere

  117. Glen Oberg Pelican Bay, TX

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  118. Dennis Williams Newnan, GA

    1960 Buick. My former brother-in-law has one sitting in his driveway.

  119. Kim Cronin Traverse City Mi.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  120. Kim Cronin Traverse City Mi.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  121. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh

    1961 Plymouth

  122. Chester Rummel Corpus Christi, TX.

    1961 Dodge Polara

  123. Roy Ratliff Seattle, WA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  124. Paul Ahvenainen Guerneville, CA

    1960 Plymouth Fury

  125. Richard Dryman Greensboro NC

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  126. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  127. Ray Karam Peoria, Arizona

    Definitely a 1961 Plymouth Savoy.

  128. Pete H. Norwich, CT

    Looks like a 61 Plymouth Blevedere or Fury and I beleive if was Ward Cleavers car on Leave it to Beaver.

  129. Dan Silva North Dartmouth,Ma.

    I think it's a Plymouth Fury like Ward Cleaver drove

  130. I. Katz New Jersey

    It's a Plymouth Fury

  131. bill gorelick Colorado

    1961 Plymouth Savoy-Belveder-or Fury

  132. franl j rocco pawling ny 12564

    1961 plymouth

  133. Ray Hamman Michigan

    1961 Plymouth Fury Leave It To Beaver's car

  134. Joe Orlando Fraser, Michigan

    1961 Plymouth Fury. Awesome car !

  135. Rick Hauth Millbrook, Ontario

    61 Plymouth Savoy, Ward Cleaver's Car on "Leave it to Beaver" series.. Dad/we, had one, so there! Drove it for many years to high school in the 60's.

  136. Bill Browne Centennial Colorado

    1961 PlymouthFury

  137. Warren E Wood chocowinity, ncp

    Plymouth fury

  138. Gary Parente New Caney, TX

    1961 Plymouth Fury from 'Father Knows Best'

  139. Gary Parente New Caney, TX

    1961 Plymouth Fury from 'Father Knows Best'

  140. william harp worthington,ind.

    1961 Plymouth belvedere - Christine was much prettier(red , with fins)

  141. robert wolak maryland

    61 plymouth

  142. Terry J. Butler Alexandria,IN

    I think it's a Plymouth Fury

  143. james debroux pace,fl. 32571

    1961 plymouth belvedere

  144. Denis Wieczorek Lake Orion, MI

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  145. Mark Ceres NJ

    Its a 61 Plymouth Fury!!!

  146. James T Razmus United States

    That is a 1961 Plymouth Savoy.

  147. Bob Longo NY

    1961 Plymouth Custom Suburban

  148. Dewayne Lindsey Texas

    1960 Plymouth

  149. walt bovard blowing rock, nc

    61 Plymouth Belvedere

  150. sara henze schenectady ny

    DeSoto. My Father had one. It was yellow.

  151. Gerry Oakville, On

    1961 plymouth

  152. Tom Peters Jacksonville, FL 32217

    1961 Plymouth Savoy, and it was the star of the show, Car 54, Where Are YOU?

  153. Joe Nelson Sierra Vista, Arizona

    This is a1961 Plymouth. You are not showing enough of the chrome eyebrow over the head lights to tell for sure what the model is. It is a Fury if the chrome eyebrow wraps around and extends back to the door. If the eyebrow wraps around just a little way then it is a Savoy.

  154. Al Paone Connecticut

    Ward Cleavers 1961 Plymouth Wagon

  155. john amato United States

    I agree with everyone else...................1961 plymouth

  156. bblumfield oregone

    It is a 1961 Plymouth. It could be a Fury or a Savoy. My grade school science/math teacher drove Fury.

  157. mike schwirzer wyndmoor, Pa.

    1960 Dodge Dart

  158. Charlie Wilson Huntington Beach Calif.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  159. Shaw-Ann Paone Connecticut

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4dr Hardtop

  160. Paul Sharp burbank, ca.

    1961 dodge super D 500

  161. Paul Canavin West Chester, PA

    looks like a 2014 Lexus with the "spindle" grillwork. Reality, is it is a 1960 Plymouth, Ward Cleaver Edition...

  162. Paul Sharp burbank, ca.

    1961 dodge super D 500

  163. Anne Dousman, WI

    That's the Plymouth Belvedere that Ward Cleaver drove on "Leave It To Beaver". Great car, greater show!

  164. leRoy Short KC

    1961 Plymouth Savoy in "Car 54"

  165. Brittany Dousman, WI

    That is the 61 plymouth fury. Ward and June Cleaver looked great riding in it - "Leave It To Beaver"!!!

  166. Mark Dousman, WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury --- Ward Cleaver's car --- "Leave It To Beaver"

  167. Anne B WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  168. Mark B WI

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  169. Anne Bretl Wisconsin

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  170. Brittany B Wisconsin

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  171. Bruce Geiger Visalia, CA

    Plymouth, Grand Fury

  172. Don Walsh Orrtanna, Pa.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  173. Victor Euliss Graham, NC

    1961 Plymouth

  174. Evan Bos Cameron, WI

    it's a Desoto

  175. Craig Hoffman Hernando Fl

    1961 plymouth with flashlight like tail lights.

  176. Mike No. CA

    Among the cars Ward drives are a 1957 Model Year Ford Fairlane, a 1959, 1960 Chryslers, and a 1961 Plymouth Savoy, all of them four-door sedans. This picture is the '61 Savoy and I believe it had a square steering wheel, at least one of his cars did.

  177. Rick Scott New Castle County, Delaware

    This is a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  178. Alvina Horton Palmdale CA


  179. G. W. Jupiter, FL

    As June would say, "Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver". 1961 Plymouth, either a Savoy or Belvedere, but not a Fury..

  180. Rich Woodstock GA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  181. Abe Dadian NH

    1960 Chrysler Valiant

  182. Jim Sommer United States

    1961 Plymouth Fury or else a Savoy

  183. ron NJ

    1961 Plymouth

  184. Dave Wyatt Portage IN

    Leave it to beaver 61 Plymouth fury

  185. Greg Troy Simsbury, CT

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  186. Chuck Hornsby Moreno Valley

    1961 Plymouth Fury , that a sexy car !

  187. Chuck Hornsby Moreno Valley

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  188. Paul Rader United States

    1961 Plymouth, in all its glory!

  189. Lee Thorsell Bend, OR

    1961 Plymouth Savoy...the center of the front bumper is not shown clearly. It was different that the Fury.

  190. Morgan Olson Muskegon, MI

    Leave It To Beaver - Ward's (Cleaver) '61 Plymouth!

  191. donald reeves Marshall, TX

    1961 Plymouth

  192. joe pieragostini Michigan

    The mystery car is a Dodge Polara

  193. AL United States

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4-door hardtop from Leave it to Beaver

  194. belairchrism medina ohio

    1961 Plymouth Fury or Savoy

  195. John Bell Omaha

    61 Plymouth ury

  196. Noel E Cupertino, CA

    61 Plymouth

  197. William F. Cleary Carmel, CA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  198. Joe Morroney Readin, Pa.

    That is a 1961 Plynouth. It would be a Fury, Belvedere or a Savoy. My parents bought a new 1960 Plynouth Fury and I thought that was ugly. Then our friends at Chrysler Corporation wiped that thought right out with the 1961 Plymouth. Has to be THE ugliest Plymouth ever made!

  199. jim castiglione sterling hgts. mi.

    1961 plymouth valiant

  200. Michael Tran Manhattan, KS

    1961 Plymouth Fury Four-Door Hardtop

  201. jreeyolkus bensalem,pa.

    it is a 1961 Plymouth savoy

  202. Donald Bean 2931 n 23 st w Muskogee, Okla 744011

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  203. david ledford montgomery al

    1960-61 dodge valiant, show is my three sons

  204. David Potter Michigan

    Sport Fury My First Mopar to drive..My Mother had a blue and white.

  205. Ray Owen North Carolina

    61 Plymouth Fury

  206. Dean Huck 1957 Governor Road Bellingham WA 98229

    1961 plymouth full size-either fury or belvedere. a big beautiful car from Mother Mopar

  207. Joe Zarazua Saginaw, MI

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere, Fury, or Savoy.

  208. Dave Roland Mars, PA

    1958 Plymouth Fury

  209. Robert Petri Racine, WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop.

  210. Martin Seigel Freehold, NJ

    1961 Plymouth Savoy-Belveder-or Fury

  211. Neely Plumb Texas

    1960 Plymouth

  212. Dick Kellner Long Valley,, NJ 07853

    Plymouth, 1961 Belvedere or Fury. That grill is unmistakable.

  213. William Plumb Texas

    1961 Plymouth

  214. Ernie Bland, VA

    61 Plymouth

  215. Ernie Bland, VA

    61 Plymouth

  216. shawn cole lawrence,ks

    1961 Plymouth belvedere

  217. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    that looks like a 1961 Plymouth belvedere, the savoy and fury of 60 and 61 had a bumper guard, or at least that's what I call them. it's possible it could be a 1960 buy i'm going with 1961 belvedere

  218. John McWilliams Bay Area

    Plymouth Belvedere

  219. Mike Meister NYC

    1961 Plymouth

  220. Carl Emerson Henderson, Nv.

    1960 Plymouth fury

  221. Roger Hahn Manitowoc, WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  222. Donna Landon Port Huron, Mi 48060

    I believe it is a 61 Plymouth Fury, seen a few at car shows in Michigan

  223. Jim Carlin Prescott, AZ.

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere. Mine had a slant six that ran like a champ !

  224. Cliff Wascher Kimberling City, MO

    It is a 1961 Plymouth

  225. Rick Florka Ft Myers, FL

    1961 Plymouth......Sorry this is a Very Ugly Car and should be driven off a cliff........

  226. michael menasha, wi

    Ward Cleaver's 1961 Plymouth Fury

  227. daryl judd spokane, washington

    It is a 1961 Plymouth. Ward Cleaver had a 1962 Plymouth.

  228. Roy Shawnee,Ok

    Ward Cleavers 1961 Plymouth Savoy

  229. Greg Schuett Rocklin Ca

    Plymouth valiant

  230. Brigid Connecticut

    1961 Plymouth Fury ~ Ward Cleaver's car

  231. Charlie Virginia Beach, Virginia

    1960 Plymouth

  232. louis rom holiday,fl.

    1961 Plymouth fury

  233. Mike Anderson Appleton, WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury sedan

  234. John McKenzie Endicott, N.Y.

    1961 Plymouth Fury or Savoy. Strong design cues from Mr. Virgil Exner.

  235. John Pettinato United States


  236. Billy Barnes Moyock, NC

    1960 Plymouth!

  237. Chuck ct

    1961 Plymouth

  238. Jim Medleuy Fort Valley, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  239. Edward W. Rutledge Charlotte, NC

    The car is a 1961 Plymouth Belevedere or Savoy.

  240. lee charles atlanta

    Plymouth doubt.......

  241. Dale Anderson Minneapolis

    1961 Plymouth Fury. Driven by Ward Cleaver from the show "Leave it to Beaver."

  242. Dan Hensley Olathe Ks.

    1961 ply fury Dan Hensley Olathe Ks.

  243. Carl Sanders United States

    1961 Plymouth

  244. Tom Kerwin Clearwater, Fl

    A real cool car for its time and ran reasonably well with the optional 383 ci engine

  245. John Minkema Stuart, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  246. Jim VanSickle Nunda,N.Y.

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Savoy. Waiting for my Ball Cap

  247. Chris MacKeller Grand Haven MI.

    60 61 Plymouth ,Beaver Cleavers dads car .

  248. YAZ Michigan

    1961 Plymouth Savoy or Belvedere with the Shick Shaver grille.

  249. lloyd voyles monroe, mi

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Fury. Please do not bring it to my door.

  250. Dennis Wilson Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  251. Gary Sacramento

    That car is none other than a 1961 Plymouth, could be a Fury or maybe a Belvedere model. I drove most every make and model car out since the mid sixties. Worked a public parking facility back in the day, that big Plymouth was a beast as were many of the early sixties cars.

  252. Phillip Spencer Faison NC

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  253. Fay Tracy Long Beach, Ca

    1961 Chrysler Imperial

  254. bill harrelson winston-salem n.c

    61 plymouth fury

  255. Brian Oshawa Ontario

    1958 (?) Chrysler imperial

  256. Robert Marks Belton, MO

    Plymouth Belvedere

  257. Robert Marks Belton, MO

    Plymouth Belvedere

  258. Chip Moore Bourbonnais, IL

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop from Leave it to Beaver

  259. Joe Bera 64 Sunset Ave, Old Bridge N.J.


  260. don mccue Virginia

    I'm thinking it's a 1961 Plymouth..... a Savoy maybe, because the Fury was top of the line and I remember it as having more chrome around the headlights. I hope I win. I really could use a hat to keep my head warm!

  261. Jim Bonnot 4717 Taft Park, Metairie, LA 70002

    this is a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  262. Dan Stracener Douglasville,Ga

    1961 Plymouth savory

  263. Danny Moore Spartanburg,S.C.

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  264. Thomas Pindroh Maple Heights, Ohio

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  265. tom Bengel 1720 Colvin Ave St Paul MN 55116

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  266. Harvey Canton, MI

    A 1961 Plymouth just like on "Car 54 Where Are You?"

  267. Ed Sable Topeka, KS

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  268. Dale Waters Eldridge Iowa 52748

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  269. Dale Waters Eldridge Iowa 52748

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  270. Gary Mix Barrie, Ontario

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  271. Carl Boggs Pontiac, MI

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  272. walter bryant englewood, co.

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  273. Bill Ulin Rainier, OR

    It is for sure Ward Cleavers 61 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop.

  274. Charles Tobey Dayton N.V.

    The 1961 was one of the ugliest autos Mopar ever made, this is my guess. C.F.T.

  275. TW marietta OH

    1961 Fury-Savoy or Belvedere

  276. Kelly Dreger Calgary, Ab.


  277. Chris Campbell Traverse City, MI

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere.

  278. Fred Spokane

    That is a 1961 Plymouth Fury.

  279. Brian VA

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere or Savoy

  280. Mark Simmons Santa Monica, CA

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  281. roger f albizu jr. frederick md.

    !961 plymouth

  282. Steve Domaratius Park Ridge, IL

    Plymouth Savoy

  283. Dave Harrison kearny AZ

    It look like a 1961 Plymouth Fury

  284. Dan Cowie Harrison TWP Mi

    Ward Cleaver's 1961 Plymouth Fury, 4 door hardtop-no post. From the show "Leave It To Beaver".

  285. Gary Haisten Childersburg, AL 35044

    1961 Plymouth

  286. Jerry Ricci Providence, RI

    1961 Plymouth Fury - the Cleaver's family car

  287. JP Holiday,Florida

    1961 Plymouth Fury...Ward Clevers car on Fathers Knows Best

  288. Nick Michigan

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  289. Ernie Runyon United States

    1961 Plymouth Fury. Ward Cleaver's car.

  290. MSS So.Dennis, MA

    Ward Cleaver's 61 Plymouth Fury. TV Show dads always had the top of the full size line cars. I recall it as a 4 door hardtop

  291. joseph yurko kempton,pa.

    1961 Plymouth fury

  292. Michael Dunn Dry Ridge, KY

    1961 Plymouth Belvedere

  293. Dave Kelley Kennebunk, ME

    It appears to be a 1961 Plymouth Belvedere. This model was used in the TV cop comedy show Car 54 Where Are You?

  294. Stanley Baxter Manlius, NY

    1961 Plymouth Fury or Savoy

  295. Richard Pattison East Prov, R.I. 02915

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  296. IRA CT


  297. Alan Amtsberg Brunswick Ohio

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  298. Lee Rush Peru, IN

    It's a 1961 Plymouth Fury sedan

  299. Joe Kleykamp Lexington,Ky

    1960 Plymouth Fury. The Cleaver's ride.

  300. jimcurrie Clawson, MI

    I will go against the grain here and say it is a 1962 (full size) Plymouth!

  301. Lamar Wadsworth Rockmart GA

    I agree with those who say that it's Ward Cleaver's '61 Plymouth from Leave It to Beaver.

  302. Alexander Davis Fraser, MI

    Definitely a 1961 Plymouth

  303. tom new jersey

    Plymouth Belvedere. My dad gave me a '60 Savoy as my first car. Parked it at a local gas station until I got my license. I couldn't believe someone stole that ugly old 4 door before I ever got a chance to drive it.

  304. Emil Susee Salem Ore

    1961 plymonth

  305. Mike Graves Little Rock, AR

    1961 full sized Plymouth (Savoy, Belvedere, Fury) Leave it to Beaver. The first plymouth to drop the upright fins since 1956. It had the "flattened" or "square" steering wheel and bullet shaped tail lights hanging off the side of the rear. Upper end models like the Fury had extra tail lights to the inside of these, below the decklid. Early reports from magazines like Motor Trend suggested that they would come out with A-semetrical tail light arrangements ( two on one side & three on the other), which of course did not happen. The next year Chrysler Corporation came out with the smaller bodies and it was a hard pill to swallow for some of the customers who wanted "big" cars.


    1960/61 DODGE CORONET

  307. George Ulrich 29200 Crocker Ct., California 93561

    1961 Plymouth Belevedere

  308. Michael Williams Toronto Ontario Canada

    1661 Plymouth, This was my first lnewer car, in high school I droce a 36 ford 3 window coupe, still got it , 53 years later. That plmouth was an ugly car , 4 door savoy, but light and fast with v8 and push button torque flight transmission , beautifull dash and square steering wheel.. Threw the timing gear , and sold it as is with the parts to a friend to pay for my wedding. Bought a beautifull 2 year old Ford Galexie HT, white with black interior.. Areal beauty , but a real disappointment every other way, traded it on a VW beetle , and settled down to married life. Still miss that Plymouth.

  309. j righter PA

    1961 Plymouth Leave it to Beaver

  310. Jim V Minneapolis MN

    1960 Plymouth

  311. Steve Ratcliffe Gainesville, GA

    1961 Plymouth Fury - an ugly car after a series of great looking cars~

  312. Howie D. Chesapeake, VA

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4 door hardtop, a MOPAR classic.

  313. F Straw Okla

    1961 Plymouth My dad bought it new and with only 600 miles on it I wrecked it. Made things bad for me for a while but in the end we drove that car over a 100,000 and got great service out of that ole 318

  314. Larry Green Bethlehem PA

    Ward Cleaver's 61 Plymouth, Leave it to Beaver, one of the ugliest cars ever produced. I should know, my dad had one!

  315. Karen Van Denburg Albany NY

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  316. Joseph Ehring YumaArizona

    My first Car!! It was my dads he sold it to me, He bought it from Doweling Dodge/Plymouth on Long Island N.Y. to tow our 1960 nomad trailer.Traded his 1954 dodge for it he needed more power it was given back to the dealer from the local police!! It was to much car for them they told the dealer,it was called a pursuit coupe a 2DR 383 3speed on the colume .We used it for years to tow and haul the family around. In 1969 he bought a new International Travelall and sold the Plymouth to me for 300.00 . I wasn't driving yet but I painted it corvette blue metalic put a tripower carb setup on it and thrush side pipes!!Got to drive and hit the streets my dad told me he should have never sold me that car it put speed in my blood, it was already there!! Sometime after that I bought a 1970 dodge challenger 440 tri power stick R/T convertible WoW !! Gave my cosine the Plymouth and a few months later a fuel line ruptured and it went up in flames and was totaled ! I now own a #matching 71 383 Dodge Challenger and two olds sx convertibles a 64 Chevy P/U...those old Plymouth's are rare today!!! Thanks for the memories Joe

  317. E.G. North Jersey,USA

    1961 Plymouth Fury 4-door

  318. pat mesa, Az

    61 plymouth

  319. Jane Sacks North Canton Ohio

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  320. W D Corlett Jefferson, oh


  321. Mark Paquette Jackson M i

    This is a 1961 Plymouth Fury seen on leave it to beaver

  322. Franklin Frey Lake Havasu City AZ

    In 1961 I ordered a Plymouth Fury 2 door hardtop and I'm still driving that car today. The car in Leave to Beaver was a 4 door cheaper car a Belvedere or Savey

  323. Roy Fair Oaks

    Plymouth Fury

  324. al paone connecticut

    1961 Plymouth fury 4dr hardtop

  325. Thomas McAleer Mastic,N.Y.

    59 Plymouth Fury

  326. Thomas McAleer Mastic,N.Y.

    59 Plymouth Fury

  327. Thomas McAleer Mastic,N.Y.

    59 Plymouth Fury

  328. Deborah McAleer Mastic,N.Y.

    61 Plymouth belvedere (ugly)!!

  329. bonnie rohrer quarryville pa

    It is a 1961 Plymouth fury



  331. Dale Buzzell Grand Blanc, Michigan

    Perry Mason used a 1961 Plymouth Savoy

  332. Ms. Ellie Cadillac ranch

    Tigwan---or something like that

  333. Chuck C York ME

    It's a 1961 Plymouth there is no doubt. Can't really tell what the trim level is. When I was a kid,our cleaning lady Vera had a 1961 Plymouth Fury Wagon. About 15-20 minutes before she was ready to leave, I would climb in it and sit there pumping the gas pedal til my right leg would start to cramp up and then I'd pump it with my left. All you could smell is gas, gas, gas . Of course Vera being as dumb as a bag of hammers, would jump in and start grinding away trying to start it and after a couple of tries she'd start pumping that gas pedal like a crazy rabbit. She'd be banging that pedal so hard she come right off the seat. It was just so funny to watch, I had to do it often as I could. I loved that car! Once you flooded it, it stayed flooded. Advisory.....LOCK YOUR CAR AND HIDE THE KEYS!

  334. Tom Stone Oregon,IL.

    1961 Plymouth savoy

  335. Mike Chicago

    1961 Plymouth Savoy

  336. Joseph Maffeo New Jersey

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  337. Max Brand Vermont

    The car is a 1961 Plymouth Fury

  338. ernie nowaczyk Indiana

    Beaver's car is a 1961, Plymouth Fury

  339. ROBERT SPINOZA Las Vegas Nevada

    1961 Plymouth Fury, or Plymouth Savoy

  340. Dale Melton Goodland Kansas

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  341. John Raines Corry, PA.

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  342. thomas hogue dallas, tx

    1961 plymouth fury

  343. Jack Weller Shelby, NC

    1961 Plymouth Fury. Thanks for these types of contests. It is fun trying to figure out the vehicle.

  344. Marc King Tn.

    1960 Plymouth

  345. John Northrup Howell, MI

    1961 Plymouth

  346. Anne Daft Columbus OH

    Plymouth Savoy

  347. Dan Durbin Cincinnati

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  348. John Valle Oakbrook Il.

    Its a beautiful Plymouth 1961 from Leave it to Beaver. Ward drove it and Wally to the prom never saw Mrs. Cleaver drive the car.

  349. walt sellers mayer az

    1961 Plymouth fury

  350. Doug White Remsen, NY

    1961 Plymouth (Plaza?)

  351. Don deland, fl.

    definitely a 1961 Plymouth...PROBABLY belvedere, fury or savoy....when i was a youngster and my dad was shopping for a new car we were trading in our 1957 belvedere and i was in love with the 1961....but i had no vote and dad bought a 1961 chevrolet impala instead... to this day still wish i had one!!!

  352. Michael Watson Ingersoll, ON. Canada

    Definitely 1961 Plymouth

  353. Doug Wampole Central Florida

    1961 Plymouth

  354. Doug Wampole Central Florida

    1961 Plymouth

  355. Ken Janicek Cameron, TX

    Plymouth, 1961 Full size

  356. Steve Nichols Roberts, WI

    1961 Plymouth Fury.



  358. Joe NYC

    And this ISN'T a DeSoto ?

  359. Vince Vitale Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    1961 Plymouth driven by Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont) of Leave It To Beaver.

  360. Bob I. NH

    1961 Plymouth Fury

  361. Pete Johnson Rochester Hills Mi.

    61 Plymouth, one of the weirdest offerings from Chrysler, imagine changing body styling every year, Impossible today, You sure could spot the different models back then. This one's tail lights looked as if they were flash-lights just held on by the magnetic on-off switch.

  362. Perry Yasher Pataskala Ohio

    It is Ward Cleavers 1961 Plymouth Fury

  363. Dave Wight Feneon Falls Ontario, Canada

    1961 Plymouth Savoy, or Fury

  364. Dave Wight Feneon Falls Ontario, Canada

    1961 Plymouth Savoy, or Fury

  365. randy c Ontario Canada

    It's a 1961 dodge Super D