August 13, 2013

For its THIS CAR MATTERS movement, the Historic Vehicle Association is asking people to share their stories about special vehicles -- ones that helped to shape their lives and communities, and our history and heritage. Check out the videos below, and if you haven't yet shared your story, head on over to the THIS CAR MATTERS page on our website to find out how you can participate. 


1968 Shelby G.T. 350 - Gino Burelli 

Gino Burelli discusses the last Shelby G.T. 350 produced by Shelby American, recently discovered in original, un-restored condition. 

1926 Bugatti Miller V8 - Charles Nearburg 

Charles Nearburg shares the story of the Miller Bugatti, once raced by Bunny Phillips and allegedly responsible for nearly taking out Adolf Hitler prior to WWII. 

1976 AMC Pacer - Gil Pepitone 

Gil Pepitone talks about the history and designs of the AMC Pacer, while sharing a few of the improvements he has made to his along the way.


  1. dan murtz silver springs fl.

    Enjoyable information,and looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. oldcarman Oakland MI

    Gil-BTW, it is "Teeg" NOT "Tee Ag". The cars were appreciated for the extremely low belt line, providing excellent visibility and a sense of stability. We had prototype 4 BBL 258 sixes that blew the doors off of the 304 V8. Planning/Marketing decided that the public had to have a V8, so it cost $3M at that time to retool the hood & other parts for the V8. It did NOT help sales at all, a bad guess by management.