Name That Vehicle

July 09, 2013

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Vehicle” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

This month's mystery vehicle is a Checker Superba, which was discontinued 50 years ago in 1963. The Superba was introduced by the Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Checker Motors Corporation in 1960. In 1961, its slightly more upscale counterpart, the Marathon, joined it on the market. The Superba couldn't compete and  production ended two years later.

And the winner of the contest is...Ted Hacker, from Cincinnati, Ohio!

For guessing correctly, Ted will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. Eric McMurphy Cypress, Tx

    Checker Marathon, my father owned two of them.

  2. Bob Abriani Clinton, IN.

    Checker Cab

  3. Harold Atchison Fort Lauderdale, florida


  4. gary angelone plantation, fl

    Checker Marathon

  5. steve balash tarentum,pa


  6. Dick Harold Noblesville, in


  7. jon b richmond

    Checker marathon?

  8. joe blazek mantua ohio

    it is a checker cab

  9. Glenn Atlanta GA

    Looks like a Checker Marathon.

  10. Joe Thompson Jackson, MI

    Its a Checker Marathon, I have seen these at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners Michigan. I believe they were made in Kalamazoo, MI.

  11. Dan Buehner Dallas, TX

    Checker Cab

  12. Andy Brick, NJ

    Looks like a Checker Taxi cab.

  13. Ron D'Ambra Chapin, South Carolina

    Checkers Cab, Checker Motors Corporation

  14. Mark Bevington Massillon, OH

    It is a Checker but not sure of the year, guess 1967

  15. Jim Flinkman New Boston, Michigan

    Checker Cab, All the years look the same. Checker Cab Company Kalamazoo, Mi.

  16. Phil Cunningham Tulsa, OK

    It is a Checker automobile used by cabbies in NYC and other metropolitan areas. It is model year 1958 or later, but I will guess 1958.

  17. Mark Ceres Nj

    I think it is a checker.

  18. Curtis Golden Bay Area, Calif.

    Name That Vehicle - Checker

  19. Ray Hulick Honolulu, Hawaii

    that is a Checker Marathon Thanks ray

  20. Alex Giacobetti Philadelphia,PA

    That is a Checker Marathon

  21. Clarke Romans Parkville, Maryland

    Looks like a Checker.

  22. Eric Anderson Illinois

    Vehicle is a Checker Marathon

  23. George Harpool Wichita, Kansas

    Checker Cab

  24. Scott ford Colorado

    The car is a checker cab, I cannot tell the year, they all looked a lot alike. A few were sold to private users, a friend owned one. He had 8 kids and needed a really tough vehicle.

  25. douglas allen parker co

    Checker Cab

  26. Steve Fick Hamilton, ON

    Looks like a Checker Cab to me.

  27. Dick Knoll Humble, Texas

    Checker Superba Taxi

  28. Edward Albertson ortonville, michigan

    Checker 4 door Cab. Made by Checker Motors Kalamazoo, Mi.

  29. Mel Douglas Baxter Tn USA

    That is a 1963 Checker Marathon manufactured in Nashville Tn.

  30. S. A. Lunde Samsula , FL

    Checker Marathon



  32. Frank Krejsa chicago

    Checker Marathon

  33. Tom McCort Morristown, OH 43759

    The car pictured is a Checker.

  34. a fisher Durango

    Checker Marathon

  35. Ron Meyer Ft Myers Beach FL

    Its a Checker cab, circa early 60s

  36. John Huggins Denver

    That's a Checker, either a Marathon or more likely a taxi cab version.

  37. Jeffrey Chase St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

    Checker taxi cab built in Kalamazoo, MI, by Checker Motor Corp.

  38. Ernie Bianchi Scottsdale, AZ

    It is probably a Checker Marathon. The cars color looks to be similar to the Checker Cab Cars that were competitors to the Checker Yellow Cab Cars.

  39. Terry Boyea Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

    That is a Checker automobile.

  40. david kindy New Lothrop, MI

    1963 Checker. Made in Kalamazoo MI.

  41. Allen Kasiewicz New Hammpshire

    Hi,1It is a 1980 Checker Marathon

  42. EARL Baugher albuquerque


  43. George Fantry 18603

    Checker Motors Corporation

  44. David Kipley Kalkaska, MI

    the vehicle is a Checker Marathon

  45. Jon Brothers Clovis, CA

    That' a Checker I do believe... The only real taxi can in my opinion.

  46. Johnny Childers Fort Lawn, SC 29714

    1981 A11 Checker

  47. Tom NC

    1963 Checker Marathon cab 141 hp 226 cu in 2 bbl carbs

  48. Christen Johansen New York, NY

    Checker Cab

  49. Ken Andrews Punta Gorda, FL

    This is a Checker

  50. Eric Moeller Murray Kentucky

    1963 Checker Marathon.

  51. David Miles Belle Chasse, LA

    A 4-door Checker

  52. Ed Huber Tucson, AZ

    It appears to be a Checker Marathon

  53. Lew Bachman Rockville, MD

    Checker Marathon

  54. Calvin Marble Santa Barbara, Ca

    Checker cab. I don,t have a Facebook account.

  55. Mark Litherland Atlanta, GA

    That's a Checker Marathon!

  56. Damian Macaluso Trinity, FL

    This car is a 1963 Checker Marathon. The Checker is best known in it's taxicab version.

  57. Sankari K.Rajan Kendall Park, New Jersey

    This is Chevy (Checker Cab)

  58. John Farley Exton Pa

    I believe it is a Checker 4dr Sedan

  59. Robert Gloyd Centennial, Colorado

    The picture is of a Checker Marathon

  60. Lowell B. Hughes 501 W Poe Roswell, NM 88203

    Looks like A 1968 Corvette

  61. Ray Gaynor Meredith NH 03153

    It's a Checker.

  62. bill gorelock colorado

    Checker Marathon

  63. Herb Kaiser West Bloomfield, Mi.

    I think this is a Metro they are cabs

  64. Mark Anderson Chester va.

    The car is a Checker Superba.

  65. Tony Doughty Minnesota

    Checker "Marathon"

  66. jim flynn Hillside ,il


  67. Richard Tedeschi Pittsburgh


  68. Frank Lynch Flodida


  69. t Mn


  70. roger Meiners Milford, MI

    Checker Marathon Taxi

  71. martin lager nyc

    checker taxi cab

  72. Robert Longford 4044 Firefly Way Ellicott City MD 21042

    Checker Cab

  73. William Colorado

    1960 Checker Taxi Superba

  74. Ed Bittman Dade city,fl

    A Checker,most likely a taxi going by the paint scheme.

  75. davis burton redmond, wa

    It's a Checker.

  76. Bryant Chaffee West Allis, Wisconsin

    Could this be a Checker Marathon?

  77. manny angaretis long island ny

    its a checker,,,,,,,,i drove a nyc cab back in the day and i would be driving in manhattan looking for fares ,,,i drove a dodge and it happened more than once that i would see a possible fare of the female persuasion,,,i would pull up in front of them they would say no i want a checker ,,,,they were built high and it was easy for them to get in and out of without their skirts going up to their necks,,,,i wonder what they are doing now that there are no checker cabs

  78. Jack Feldman Downers Grove, IL

    A Checker Marathon sedan painted as a taxi.

  79. L Cutler Mansfield PA



    1963 Checker A-12 sedan

  81. Ray Gaynor 135 Golden Hill, Lee, MA 01238

    It is a Checker Marathon

  82. R J Barth Spring, Tx

    That can only be a Checker, maker of famous Taxis'

  83. Conrad Kelly Mead WA

    Earlier I sent 1963 Checker A12 sedan. I forgot to add the word Marathon, i.e. 1963 Checker Marathon (A12)

  84. mike rossi vashon wa.

    checker automobile, quite a large number were used as taxi cabs.

  85. Bill Hunstock Minneapolis, MN

    I believe this is a Checker Cab; late 70's

  86. David Harrison 421 Wordsworth, Ferndale, Mich. 48220

    The car is a Checker Marathon taxi cab

  87. David Goode Dallas, TX

    Checker Marathon

  88. Tim Brooks Rochester Hills, Michigan

    It is a Checker Marathon

  89. Jim Harder Torrance, CA

    Checker Cab

  90. Dan Denning Montrose Co


  91. David Billus Watertown, Ct

    A Checker Cab

  92. Mark Aldieri East Hampton, CT

    Its aChecker Marathon.

  93. Robert Farrar Reno, NV

    the "Mystery Car" is a Checker Marathon. RAF_

  94. Ed Owen Charlotte, NC

    Checker Motors Marathon

  95. Robert Bartel E. Palatka, FL

    Checker Cab

  96. Bill McLaughlin Toronto, Canada

    A Checker cab

  97. Tony Cenicola NYC

    Checker Marathon

  98. Paulbrozen NYC

    Checker Cab

  99. John Buenzli Tumwater Washington

    1958 Checker A-9

  100. Eric Haulenbeek Litchfield, CT

    Only a Checker could look this homely!

  101. Greg Hines Chicago

    The car is a Checker.

  102. John L. Rozic Pennsylvania

    Checker Marathon

  103. brian presley sciencehill ky

    checker cab

  104. John Fenrich Owasso, OK

    Could it be a Checker cab?

  105. Bill Felten Northeast Pa.

    Checker Marathon

  106. Richard P. Melrose MA

    Checker cab.

  107. Russell Twine Covington, WA

    Checker, (Like in Cab)

  108. Marty Nj

    Checker Marathon sedan

  109. Michael Divins Maryland's Eastern Shore

    Reminds me of a Checker Marathon.

  110. Norman Pawlowski Corvallis, Oregon

    This is a Checker Superba. Year is likely 1960 but could be as old as 1963

  111. phillip frazier Fort worth tx

    56 Packard

  112. Joseph Price Newport News, Virginia

    Checker cab

  113. Jeff Scarbrough Athns, Ga.

    Checker Marathon

  114. Howard Pennsylvania

    Checker Marathon

  115. Jim Helm United States


  116. Cyrus EM MD


  117. Travis Randolph 49453

    Checker Cab

  118. Les Miller Acworth, Ga

    Checker Marathon - built around 1956 till around 1982 I believe.

  119. Tom Tijeras, NM

    This is a CHECKER MOTORS Co. car, commonly use in the cab industry

  120. Jim Ballentine Houston

    Checker used for cabs.

  121. David Williams White, GA

    Checker Marathon

  122. Tom Fichter Glendale, CA

    Checker Cab - Model A11E

  123. John W Wa state

    That is a Checker Marathon

  124. Charlie Christopher Cambridge, MA

    Checker Marathon?

  125. John Griffith Tacoma WA

    Checker Marathon

  126. Tom George Right Here!

    Checker Marathon.

  127. Theodore Wanberg Three Lakes, WI

    Checker Marathon

  128. Bradley Smith Summerfield, N.C.

    1963 Checker

  129. Tony Koester Gretna, NE

    Checker A12

  130. leonard russo 1608 n miller rd. scottsdale az 85257

    Think that car is a checker Manhattan

  131. jim christian san francisco

    Checker Marathon

  132. Bob Rodgers 145 Pearl St, Noank, CT 06340

    CHECKER, of course.

  133. Tim Conrad Cottage Grove, MN, 55016

    Checker Cab, Model A-8

  134. bill miller atlanta

    58 checker

  135. Ken Walker Cleveland

    Checker Marithon

  136. Paul O'Shell Canada

    Checker Marathon

  137. Jon F. Holsteen Barrington Hills, Illinois

    Looks like a Checker. Probably a Marathon model.

  138. George Kater Williamsburg va 23185

    Checker marathon sedan

  139. Jack Balch Florida

    It lokks like a Checker.

  140. David Plott Mt. Juliet, TN

    Marathon Checker Cab

  141. Fred Livingston McKinney, TX

    This would be a 1970's era Checker Marathon, commonly used for Taxicabs in the major cities.

  142. Michael Denver, CO

    Checker Marathon

  143. Tom Tate Boston MA

    Checker Marathon all dressed up like a taxi

  144. Mike Geiger Livonia, Michigan

    The car is a Checker Marathon. I used to see these Checker Cabs all over Detroit as a kid.

  145. PATRICK GELSO United States

    That's a Checker

  146. Bob Robb Virginia

    1965 Checker Marathon

  147. Peter Wiebens Concord CA

    It is a Checker Marathon.....widely used a taxi.....

  148. Patrick Hopkins Ottawa, Ontario

    That is a Checker Marathon, I don't know what year.I worked on many of them as a body repairman in the 1970'sI just retired this spring after 37 years in the trade, I loved it. Pat Hopkins

  149. James Gainesville, FL

    Checker Marathon

  150. Michael St.Pierre Clermont, Florida

    Checker Cab 1956-1982 A8/Marathon

  151. Rich N.J.

    it6a checker Cab

  152. Jim Kukura Shamomg, NJ

    1963 Checker Marathon

  153. Robert Mac Dowell Coraopolis Pa.

    It's a CHECKER

  154. Robert Eden Lenoir City, TN

    Checker Cab from Checker Motors

  155. Michael Phelan Massachusetts

    Checker Marathon taxi cab

  156. Sanford Dick Seattle, WA

    The car is a Checker Marathon.

  157. Jim Schwartz Chester Springs, PA

    Checker Superba

  158. John MI

    Checker taxi

  159. Albert Nash willingboro, NJ

    I the car is a Checker taxi cab

  160. Peter goldman Chicago Illinois

    Checker marathon

  161. Gerald Klida MI

    Checker Marathon

  162. Tom George Right Here!

    Check that! The inboard parking lights indicate an early Checker Superba, probably 1960.

  163. John Brandli lottsburg, va

    checker superba

  164. Brad Kenyon Atlanta, GA

    CHECKER - Marathon

  165. Bob Hagan FLorida

    its a checker.

  166. Jeff Sklar Morristown, NJ

    Checker Marathon

  167. Rod Almond Richfield, NC

    Checker Marathon

  168. ROBERT SAUNDERS Hilo Hawaii

    Checker Marathon

  169. Steve USA


  170. David Hartman DeWitt, MI

    Checker A9 Marathon Taxi Cab

  171. Robert Lukas York, PA

    It's a Checker, which had.been around for years prior as a taxicab but was offered to the general public for the first time.

  172. Ralph Hafer St George Utah

    looks like a Checker Cab to me.

  173. Lenn Nelsen Minnesota


  174. William Roemerman Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    1963 Checker Marathon

  175. Wayne DeGurski Tampa, FL

    Checker Marathon

  176. Bill Denver

    1963 Checker Marathon station wagon

  177. Patrick Prendergast Massachusetts

    Checker Marathon

  178. BC USA

    '63 Checker Marathon

  179. Tony LaCapria Browns Mills NJ

    Checker Madallion

  180. Rob Stamm Birmingham, Al


  181. Dan Szymanski Las Vegas, NV

    This is a A8 Checker Taxi

  182. Ron Payne Issaquah WA

    Checker Marathon Taxi

  183. Todd K Puyallup, WA

    Checker Marathon

  184. larry lunt Mi.

    Checker Marathron

  185. Ron kruse Florida

    The car is a Checker Marathon

  186. Rick Kuchera Finksburg, Maryland

    That car sure looks like a 63" Checker Taxi

  187. H Jameson Columbia, TN

    Checker Marathon

  188. john persson ludington,MI

    Checker Cab

  189. jim Mulligan Tucson, AZ

    This is certainly the Checker Motors Ltd fleet taxicab. Passenger compartment had a bench set and two jump seats. The private use version was called the Checker Marathon.

  190. Dennis Portland, OR

    Checker Taxi

  191. Mike Ropka Gettysburg Pa


  192. Guy Lester NYC

    The car is a checker marathon.

  193. tom jakeway 21641 Rd W. Lewis, Colorado 81327

    1963 Checker Marathon. Could be a 4 door sedan or stationwagon.

  194. Jerry Janssen United States

    Checker Taxi Cab

  195. Don Godfrey Titusville Florida

    Checker Marathon

  196. Roy Olson Tucson, AZ

    Checker Marathon

  197. Ben Leff Cedar park tx

    Checker marathon

  198. Joe Petlick Lane Automotive, Watervliet

    Checker Marathon

  199. Samuel Galano Jackson, WY USA

    The vehicle shown is either a Checker Marathon or Checker Aerobus, but it's definitely a Checker!

  200. BILL ADAMS Lakeville, New York

    looks like a 1963 checker cab

  201. Dennis Spradlin Gallatin, TN


  202. Don Procko Mystic, Ct

    Checker Marathon ! work horse of the taxi industry in the US......

  203. Bob Burgess Canada

    Chev Checker Cab

  204. David Wagner New York City

    Checker Marathon

  205. jon grass valley,ca


  206. Gary Fisher Calgary AB Canada

    The car is a 1963 Checker Superba

  207. Richard Harris Keswick, Virginia

    That looks like a Checker cab. I think the model was called an A8.

  208. Ken Rowe Durham NC

    Checker Marathon taxi

  209. Bob Potter Deming NM

    1958 Checker Cab

  210. richard hart 1900 westphalia ave. mattituck,n.y.

    this is a checker cab

  211. Henry Mayo College Station, Texas

    looks like a Checker A9

  212. Milton Vine Bellevue, WA

    Checker Superba

  213. eek Dunedin, Fl

    Checker Marathon, one of the toughest cars made.

  214. john morrison plano texas

    it looks like a checker motor corporation model a9

  215. Daniel Lemay Ottawa, Canada

    1958 Checker model A-9 Cab

  216. Bill Moe Edmonds

    It is a Checker Marathon !!!

  217. Dave Gruber Mason, MI

    Checker A-11 Taxicab!

  218. David Meligan Beloit, Wi.

    This is a Checker Marathon

  219. Stan Fisher Stony Creek, Ct.

    Checker Marathon

  220. Bob Case Canandaigua, NY

    Checker. I rode in these when they were taxis in NYC. When they quit making them New York City ordinance limits cabs to 10 yrs. so now none are ised in NYC.

  221. Glenn Rossano United States

    Checker Marathon, I believe most came with chevy six cylinders

  222. Jeffrey Lampinski Media, PA

    No doubt a 1963 Checker Marathon Station Wagon.

  223. John Bellefleur Pontiac, MI

    Checker Marathon

  224. Tony Simione So. Glens Falls,NY 12803

    It is most assuredly a Checker Cab as all of the above have surmised.

  225. Stu Wilson Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    1957 Checker taxi

  226. Laurie Hollis Houston, TX

    It's a Checker (not a cab), I went to college in Kalamazoo and saw many of them as they were made there. The college had some that had up to 5 doors on each side and the sports teams drove them to meets.

  227. Curt Solomon Barnegat, NJ

    Checker Marathon

  228. Dick Larsen Lake, MI

    Checker Marathon made in Kalamazoo, MI. where I lived from 1973 to 1998.

  229. Scott Bowman Leander, Texas

    Checker Marathon!

  230. Pete Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    Checker Marathon

  231. ken browning Athens, TX

    Checker Marathon

  232. jimmie roan san antonio tx

    easy one, a checker marathon used mostly as a taxi or airport limo

  233. Brandon Emanuel Dallas, TX

    Checker Marathon

  234. will barron Prosper, Texas 75078 1431 Millers Creek

    it is a Checker car made by the Checker Motor Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan who are now out of business

  235. S. Marty Pantz California

    It's a 1903 Hubmobile.

  236. Laguna Mike Austin, TX

    Checker Marathon

  237. Roland Grady Tarpon Springs, Fl.

    Checker Marathon A11

  238. Barry Singer Scottsdale, AZ

    It's a Checker cab. Loved riding on the jump seats when I was a kid!

  239. Bob stavish, Sr. Wilkes-Barre, PA

    This is a Checker Maraton used mainly in taxi fleets. They were bullet proof.

  240. John Willoughby Wisconsin

    A good old Checker! Now how about a photo of a Checker Model A?? Are there ANY left in existence?

  241. Bob Dziadzio Saco, Maine

    Checker Mogul

  242. Jim Johnston Sammamish, WA

    It is a Checker, probably 1958 or later because of the quad headlamps, and probably a taxi rather than a civilian version due to the yellow and green paint. they were/are really solid cars built in Kalamazoo MI.

  243. Doug Klauck Harpers Ferry WV

    Checker A9. Taxi version of the Superbad. Star grill shows it's the model before the Marathon or the famous A11 taxi.

  244. mike Guertin wethersfield, CT

    Looks like a checker, either a Marathon or a SuperbaRyPvy

  245. Charlie Durning Magee, MS

    It could be a Checker Aerobus. I had several in my fleet at the Grand Canyon. Same body as the Checker Marathon wagon but stretched out to feature 8 doors and bullet proof chassis.

  246. Richard Ponte Vedar Beach, Fl.

    Checker in taxi colors

  247. roy fullerton cedar park tx

    checker It was a very good town car. Used mostly as a taxi .

  248. Marc Waldwick NJ

    Checker Marathon

  249. Art ives Soddy Daisy, Tn

    Checker cab

  250. Ira Rimson United States

    Checker Marathon. May or may not be a NY taxicab depending on the medallion. They were also sold to civilians.

  251. Michael J Stechna Rochester,NY


  252. jerry patrick Stanwood, Washington

    the car is a Checker Marathon (taxi cab, 4 door)

  253. Terence Bauldry ohio

    Checker Marathon

  254. John H Jones United States

    Checker Marathon

  255. Howard Coe Salinas, Ca

    There a lot of old guys that remember the Checker. There was one in town for a number of years driven by Vampire in the Night, janitorial service.

  256. Hank Lipson southern New Jersey

    Checker Marathon/cab

  257. Jim Armstrong marblehead, Mass.

    Its a Checker all right. The paint on it looks to be a "museum finish" i.e.: ok but a lot of orange peel. Its painted to look like a cab but it could be a 'civilian' model with a different interior. My boss in the early 70's had a station wagon version with factory Chevy small-block V8 (optional) I drove it a couple of times and it would surprise other motorists with its pace. I think his was a 1972.

  258. Richard Morholt Sr. Matamoras,PA

    Checker Marathon-I wish we could bring them back, I miss them on the streets of New York City.

  259. Julie Austad Everett, WA

    It's a Checker of course.

  260. Carl Passarelli West Greenwich, R.I.

    This Is commonly known as a Checker Cab. Not many were sold to the public.

  261. Dick Gerber eEugene,OR

    yup,it is a checker cab,and in the right color--GO DUCKS!

  262. vincent Cashin connecticut/ florida

    Checker Marathon taxi

  263. Jerry Meiergerd Bowling Green KY

    Checker Marathon compliments of Kalamazoo, MI.

  264. Ron Giancarlo Olathe, Kansas

    It is a Checker Marathon

  265. Tommy Big V-8 Vega Burniston Erie, PA

    Checker Marathon

  266. don cal niagara

    checker superba

  267. Richard Kilfoyle Saramento,Ca

    Checker Marathon

  268. Tom Loftin Lawton, OK

    It's a Checker Marathon. They started that body style in '59, with no yearly style changes and only minor modifications after that. If it has a Continental 6 cyl engine it would be a '63 or earlier. In '64 they changed to Chevrolet 6 or v8.



  270. Bob Noonan southern california

    Checker Marathon

  271. david weil Akron,Ohio

    Checker Marathon

  272. Fred Howard Georgia

    Checker 4 door Taxi. Made by Checker Motors Kalamazoo, Mi.

  273. Louis Belloisy Morris, CT

    Its a 1957 Model A8 Checker

  274. John Crume Tampa, FL

    Its a classic 1958 Checker A9 Cab, look like original livery....

  275. dennis calovi lake worth, fl

    checker marathon

  276. Len troy

    Checker. You guys got to make them harder than this?

  277. Timmer V California

    Checker 1958 Model A9

  278. Jerry Durango, CO

    Checker Superba which actually came out in 62'

  279. Tony Saint Augustine, FL

    Checker Marathon Taxi.

  280. Gary Hjerpe Phoenix, AZ

    Checker Marathon, all were the same and I think they were built on a 1955-57 Chevy style frame or used a lot of Chevy parts.

  281. Jerry Borgelt Prescott, AZ

    Here in Prescott, we have a taxi business called Classic Cabs that is operating at least 2 Checker Marathons.

  282. Fritz Ludwig Upstate South Carolina

    1960 Checker Superba A-10

  283. Mike Elliott San Diego, CA

    Checker Marathon

  284. Robert Benedettini Mount Vernon, NY

    Checker Marathon

  285. Stan Meyer Jr Waxhaw, North Carolina

    Like everyone else, I believe it's a Checker Marathon........1960 Superba turn signal below headlights and vertical metal work.

  286. Roy Hedrick New Orleans Louisiana

    Checker Marathon

  287. Todd United States

    Checker cab

  288. Skip Vink Phoenix

    1963 Checker Marathon - newer dual headlights but carryover of turn signal in the grille. Turn signal soon moved to the fender just below the headlights.

  289. Craig McAllister Boise, Idaho

    The famous/infamous Checker Cab.

  290. Raymond Fuhrmann California

    It's a Checker. Used often by cab companies

  291. Malcolm Snell Gulfport , ms

    Checker marathon

  292. Bill Walker Grasonville, Md.


  293. Doug F Tallahassee, FL

    That is a Checker Superba

  294. Jerry Kaiser United States


  295. Ken Doctor Muskegon, Mi

    Checker Cab, made in Kalamazoo.

  296. Don Schoeny Princeton, MA

    Cheker Marathon cab... on auction at Bonhams in Greenwich, CT June 2012

  297. Woody Snell Alabama

    Checker Cab

  298. Tom Spangler Fountain Valley California

    It's a Checker Marathon, made by Checker Motors, Kalamazoo, Michigan. They also made body panels for other car companies.

  299. Don Wilson Wichita KS

    Checker cab

  300. Greg Glassner Strongsville, OH

    Didn't need to see the other comments. Checker Marathon.

  301. Larry Szostak Illinois

    Checker Marathon

  302. John Kost Leawood, KS

    Checker Marathon

  303. tom lynch ct

    checker taxi

  304. shawn cole lawrence,ks

    checker marathon taxi cab

  305. Tom Burke Siler City NC

    Yes a Checker Marathon

  306. Bob L Mirror Lake, NH

    My first guess was a Checker Cab....thought I was pretty car savvy until I scrolled down and found 50 others beat me to it....

  307. Robert Downam Hudson In.

    Checker Marathon

  308. Robert Petri United States

    1960 Checker A-10 Superba Standard

  309. Michael Mower St. Simons Island, GA

    Checker Marathon

  310. Bernie Polen Bloomfield Hills, MI

    Checker Marathon A9

  311. Mark Ankeny Tulsa

    Checker cab

  312. Mark Ibenthal Leawood, Ks

    Most certainly Checker. One of the distant owners of the company lived in Kansas City and had one done in maroon and black as a family driver. I serviced it at the Standard Oil Station on occasion

  313. pat meisenbach mesa, az

    checker marathon

  314. Pat Ekiss Austin Texas

    That would be a "Checker Marathon"

  315. Bob Moore New Bern NC

    Checker Marathon

  316. Robert Petri United States

    1960 Checker A-10 Superba Standard

  317. Paul Berry richmond, kentucky

    Checker A9 or A10 1958-1963

  318. Brett Engel Fountain Hills, AZ

    Checker Marathon, great car!



  320. Al Kurt Teaverse City

    Checker Marathon

  321. Steve Trahair Traverse City, MI


  322. Robert Stiles Binghamton, New York

    its a Checker.... My dad owned one that had the flip down jump seats. (retired cab)

  323. Bob Koceja Racine,WI

    Checker Cab

  324. Kurt Peterson Anderson Creek NC

    it's a Checker A9, about a 1958 model

  325. gerald morris charleston,wv

    that is a 1957 checker

  326. randy gilpin aurora ontario

    i believe its a checker marathon made by checker motors Kalamzoo Michigan From 1922 to 1982

  327. frank yow Cape Cod, MA

    Old Checker Cab

  328. Bill Janosek Ohio

    This is a Checker, looks like a cab.

  329. August Silipo Glen Head, New York

    It's a Checker Marathon.

  330. August Silipo Glen Head, New York

    It's a Checker Marathon.

  331. Mary Gibbs Bradford, PA

    It is a Checker Taxi

  332. Keith ELY MN.

    Checker Taxi cab.

  333. Dave Meyer Camarillo, California

    Thats a Checker Marathon built like a tank.

  334. John Klein Roscommon Mi.

    Checker Cab

  335. Charles Lutz United States

    Checker marathon

  336. Anthony Zamplione Winter Haven,Fl 33884

    Checker motors corporation, Marathon

  337. michael Menasha, WI

    early 60's ('63?) Checker Marathon

  338. Mel Davidson Bellingham WA

    It's a Checker Marathon in taxi livery.

  339. Daniel Joseph Lakeview, Michigan

    Checker Cab A guy up the road from me had a dealership and still has a bunch of checker dealer related items

  340. Jack Rosenzweig Mountain Top Pa


  341. burton turner United States

    Checker Marathon

  342. Daniel Joseph Lakeview, Michigan

    Checker Cab A guy up the road from me had a dealership and still has a bunch of checker dealer related items

  343. Robert W. Powitz Old Saybrook, Connecticut

    It's a Checker; a timeless car.

  344. Angelo Schembari Cornwall, NY

    Checker Marathon. A friend had one in high school.

  345. dwight lund minnesota

    Checker cab

  346. Tom Rochester, NY

    Checker Marathon series

  347. William R. Abernathy Wilmington, DE

    Checker Marathon Taxi. As a Motorola Engineer I installed and removed hundereds of two-way radios from Checkers back in the 1970s... They were tough, to me, the steel bodies were extra thick.

  348. Jack Jeziorski Louisville

    Checker Marathon

  349. Max Utterback Chester Springs PA

    Checker Cab between 1958 and 1962.

  350. Ron Santavicca Waterford MI


  351. Karl Pallastrini Carmel Caiifornia

    A bit of a twist here....It is a Checker....but could be a Checker Superba. You heard it here first.

  352. gordon hall Tecumseh Ks.

    Checker Marathon

  353. Jerry Ammel UP of Michigan

    It is a 1960 Checker Cab A-10 Superba. I think the turn signal location is what tells me it's a 1960 Superba.

  354. Steve Long Beach, CA

    Checker Cab, They were built to last

  355. Ronnie E Florida

    1967 Checker

  356. Rchard Clark Severn, MD

    Checker Marathon

  357. Doug Wampole Florida

    Checker Cab. Marathon

  358. Ronnie E Florida

    Well, not a '67 after all, since it does not have the added amber turn lights. I guess a 1963 or 1964...

  359. Hollis Rule Charlotte< NC

    Checker Marathon

  360. Jim Slye Wilmington, NC

    63 Checker Marathon

  361. Michael A. Des Plaines, IL

    Checker Marathon

  362. Bill Rozek Wash. dC

    Checker Marathon

  363. Harold Ross Utica, MI

    These were full frame vehicles, and made from steel from the warehouse, ie strip stock and rod, they were such low volumne that making stamping tools for many componets wasn't feasible, so parts were fabricated, but were very durable. As I remember they had a Chevrolet powertrain, don't know if there were car or truck components, but if I were to guess they were from the truck family as truck components were designed to be durable at higher load and cycle requirements. Enough people have identified the car, thought I'd provide something else, hopefully interesting to other engineers at least.

  364. Dick Binetsch Richmond, Ky

    It is a Checker just like almost all taxicabs were in the 50's and 60's

  365. John Crocker Bolton, ON

    Checker Marathon,

  366. William Rosch St. Inigoes Maryland

    Checker Marathon Taxi Cab

  367. Steve Johnson Georgetown, IL

    Checker Marathon

  368. Howard Poulin Manchester, NH

    It is a Checker, the foundation of the taxi cab industry. Massive, heavy, and darn near indestructible.. Rode a hundred of them in Boston area. The doors were like a Rolls Royce, as far as weight.

  369. steve kathcart STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK


  370. Philip de Vos Monroe,Virginia

    Checker Marathon in taxi service

  371. Philippe Tusler United States

    A Checker cab, obviously. I'll take a wild guess at 1964.

  372. Steven Blaske Atlanta Georgia

    Checker marathon, just as a number have guessed

  373. paul osborne Lima NY

    Checker cab.

  374. cliff Burkard rtford, CT.

    It's a Checker was used a taxi and limos and private marathon model. I think the model a friend of mind father had in high gate VT. had jump seats than it held eight, built like a tank lasts for years and one is still running pulling an old Oscar Meyer wiener hoy dog stand In Portland ct rt 66

  375. Robert LeRoy Austin, texas


  376. Sue Snyder Sterling Heights, MI

    Looks like a Checker Marathon out of K'zoo!

  377. Michael Monahan West Point, VA

    Checker Metropolitan

  378. Michael Monahan West Point, VA

    Checker Metropolitan

  379. Barry Mobile AL

    Checker cab...1960-62



  381. Charlene Taylor Lillian, AL

    Ford Edsel

  382. Pete Peterson Vincennes, Indiana

    That looks like a dolled up Checker Automobile, probably to sell it to the general public. The year could be from 63 to 1970. I visited a garage in China and the red flag diplomatic cars were an obvious copy of the Checker Automobile. On close examination it looked as if they were powered by a 1950's Oldsmobile V8. Really made a fancy car with lots of room for the Communist leaders.

  383. Garen Rose Simi Valley, CA

    A chevy powered Checker Marathon

  384. Dennis White Roswell, Georgia

    The car is a checker taxi cab

  385. Hans Urban Mobile,AL

    Yes its a Checker Marathon, I used to drive them back in the early 70's, great vehicles

  386. Gene Bostwick United States

    Checker Marathon

  387. John Jansen North Hollywood, Calif.

    Checker Marathon

  388. frank brooks battle creek ,mi

    checker marathoh 1974

  389. Rick Jankowski Bluffton,SC

    I remember them well!

  390. Jos. Chiarella douglaston, NY

    Checker Marathon, AKA New York City taxicabs of my youth!

  391. Ron Niagara Falls

    Checker Marathon

  392. mrbill smith tacoma, wa.

    yep, it's a checker, alright

  393. jay mccoy United States

    Checker Marathon 7 passenger cab

  394. E.J Chicago

    Checker marathon great cars.

  395. Carl Lewis Willow Springs, Mo.

    It's a Checker car probably a Marathon and most likely was a taxi.

  396. Collin Crossley Kansas City, MO

    Checker Superba Taxi.

  397. Sam G Chicago, il

    Checker Cab, best all around Taxi Cabs ever! Drove one for several years as a way to pay for school. Great memories, in Chi town.

  398. Erik Austin

    Checker Cab - Used to drive one in Philly for the Yellow Cab Company

  399. Lee Thorsell Bend, Oregon

    Checker. Definitely.

  400. Larry Howell Arcola, IL

    Checker Marathon. My godfather had the Yellow Cab franchise in Amarillo TX and brought a new one to show my parents

  401. Dave Anderson Portola, CA

    Checker Marathon I think.

  402. Hank Bahmer Naples FL

    That vehicle is a Checker Marathon, made by the Checker Motor Corp in Mi. I had one in 1964 as a company vehicle when I worked for a division of Miles Laboratories Car was a piece of chit and was sold for salvage at 9 months old ( never wrecked).

  403. Robert Montgomery Sterling Heights Michigan

    Checker from Kalamazoo

  404. bill sims

    its a checker..widely known for its reputation in the transportation industry...I drove for a Airport shuttle service in the sixties....

  405. Jim Nicholas Shelby Township MI

    Checker Marathon

  406. jack mullen Kingston, NY

    Checker Manhattan

  407. Tim Puckett Hanover, MI

    Checker Cab

  408. tom smith cape may courthouse nj

    1960-1963 Checker Marathon, looking at the color I'd say being used as a taxi cab.

  409. Ken Mullings Hamden, CT

    Checker Marathon. Last seen one last year at the O Henry Hotel in Greensboro, NC. They use it to shuttle guests around town. Real nice ride.

  410. Jim Fraulo Woodmont ,ct.

    Car is a checker, used mostly for taxi's Healy ford back in the late sixties was a dealer,in ansonia ,ct

  411. Brian Webb Ontario Canada

    Definitely a checker probably a cab with that paint scheme dual sealed beams has to be 58 or later

  412. GARY WILLIAMS Wadsworth, Ohio


  413. Heather Karpinski Waxhaw, NC

    Checker Marathon

  414. Joe Cleveland, OH

    95 % 4 door Checker Marathon, Checker Motors Kalamazoo, Mi.

  415. Dan Silva New Bedford,Ma.

    Checker Marathon,Producer of taxi cabs


    1957 CHECKER A8

  417. ron Milwaukee wi

    checker marathon

  418. Henry Johnston zanesville,ohio

    Marathon Checker Year doesn't matter as they used the same design to cut costs


    Checker Cab, Marathon+++++++++++++++++++++++++

  420. Rodger Mclean Hermitage, TN

    Checker Marathon

  421. Scott Ostrowski Geneva, NY

    Checker A8, built approximately between 1958 and 1962 as evidenced by quad headlight and lack of amber turn signal/marker lights.

  422. Steve Slaughter Louisville KY

    It is a Checker Marathon. Our family owned three when I was growing up. They are tanks!

  423. David Rosenberg United States

    This car is a Checker Marathon

  424. John Zoltek Chicago

    Checker Superba

  425. Scott Bibbee Dallas, TX

    Checker Marathon

  426. Brian Blood McLean VA

    It is a 1960 (or '61) Checker Superba.

  427. Bob Robinson Gravette, Arkansas

    Checker Marathon. I have seen and actually ridden in one in Chicago many years ago.

  428. Brian Easton Durham, NC

    Checker Marathon

  429. Carmen FL

    Checker Marathon. They were not just for cabs, although they made good cabs due to their rear seat area. You could purchase them for personal use as well as cab use.

  430. Donald Rosa Poland, Ohio

    It is definitely a Checker Taxi due to the paint scheme. Marathons were all monotones and usually blue. Since the style never changed, only an owner could tell the year.

  431. Bill Piland Viorginia

    Ir's a Checker.

  432. john hale lambertville mi.

    it's a checkerbalzq

  433. Bob Merrell Hadley, MI.

    Checker Cab

  434. Larry Lewis Seymour, Indiana

    Checker cab, have ridden in many of them over the years and they would run forever.

  435. Russell Twine Covington, WA

    A-10 Superba Checker

  436. ted campos ft. lauderdale fl

    Checker marathon, best taxi cab in the world.

  437. Mo Oltmann Lebanon, OH

    Checker, '58 or newer

  438. John Schmitt Troy MI.

    Checker Marathon made until the early 80's with an early 50's design, essentially unchanged with many emissions and safety requirements waved by the federal govt. because of the small volume.

  439. judy schultze nowthen, mn

    Checker cab

  440. judy schultze nowthen, mn

    Checker cab

  441. Jackie Toccoa,GA

    Checker marathon

  442. Mike Monahan West Point, VA

    Checker Metropolitan

  443. Robert Campsmith Portage, Michigan

    That is a Checker Marathon in taxicab dress. Probably built in the 1960's. I photographed their hand finishing process in the late 60's when I worked at the Kalamazoo Gazette.

  444. Mike Sherman Massapequa Park, NY

    checker marathon town custom

  445. John Wilson Idaho

    Checker Marathon

  446. Frank Gordon Gulfport, MS


  447. Tony Shelby twp MI

    1959 Checker Taxicab

  448. Tom Underwood Louisville Kentucky

    It's a Checker Marathon of course.

  449. gill durkee arlington vt

    checker, although most were yellow with meters on the dash

  450. Herb Clifford Michigan

    checker ( Great Cab)

  451. Robert Bobrowski Livonia, MI

    Checker Superba

  452. Ted Hacker Cincinnati, Ohio

    This is a Checker SUPERBA

  453. William Edwards Wake Forest, NC

    Checker Cab

  454. Rick Dearborn, MI

    If it's a long wheelbase V8, it'd be an Checker A11E, otherwise it's a Checker Marathon.

  455. John Richter Idaho


  456. Stewart Werner USA

    This is a Checker Supurba

  457. Mel G Livonia, MI

    Ford Pinto

  458. Scott Sternlieb Chandler, Arizona

    This is definitely a Checker Cab by the Checker Motor Corparatiion, Kalamazoo, Michigan. The model is A8/Marathon. I beleive they don't make them anymore either.

  459. Martin Ehrlich Glendale, CA

    Checker Marathon

  460. Frak Orr United States

    1982 Checker Marathon A12

  461. daryl judd spokane, washington

    It is a Checker Marathon

  462. jack shutt pepperell ma.

    Checker marathon. A tank of a car , even the rear quarter panels could be replaced by unbolting them like a front fender wish more cars where as tough And as easy to repair as a checker

  463. Todd Olovson Guilford Ct.

    Checker Marathon,Checker Motor Corp.

  464. JSWojack Isanti, mn.

    It's a Checker Marathon, one tough automobile

  465. Monty Holden stedman, nc.

    checker marathon

  466. Richard Ambler pa

    No question about it.- A Checker Cab - I know it was not named " cab" but only one person I knew ever owned one and that was a ,private family car. The family was very nice albeit a little eccentric. All the Checkers were used as cabs in Philly. They had stools that opened in the back area between the front and back seats to seat two - or was it three - additional fares.. Of course there was no highway safety administration then and no seat belt requirement. Thanks for the nostalgia. Richard

  467. Kerry Tucson, AZ

    As everyone has said, It is a Checker Marathon.

  468. Roger Des Moines, Iowa

    Checker Marathon cab - loved the jump seats! Doesn't look like my odds of winning are much better than nil!

  469. Rudy 54545

    Checker marathon

  470. Rudy 54545

    Checker marathon

  471. Cary New York

    Checker Cab

  472. Steve McLean, VA

    A Checker Cab

  473. DAN PARKER Murrieta, Ca 92563


  474. grayson delaware

    its a checker marathon

  475. Steve Porter North Haven, ct

    Checker Marathon, the famous New York taxi.....kind of miss them..

  476. vince nj

    everybody got checker powered by smallblock chevy

  477. merv flint mi

    My brother in law George, who didn't work for GM had one of these checkers, sure was a tough old car.

  478. David Pandolfi Charlotte NC

    Checker Motors, Checker Cab

  479. Jack G. Freeman Alden, NY


  480. Steven Foster California

    The vehicle pictured is a Checker Marathon!

  481. Jim H Mesa, Az

    1961 - 63 Checker Superba. The Superba was the Non Taxi Model.

  482. hal earlton n.y.

    its a checker

  483. George Chabot Conyers GA

    Checker Marathon

  484. Jim S McLean VA

    A Checker Marathon.

  485. Pete Johnson Rochester Hills Michigan

    Checker, Might be their airport extended cab/limo, can't see the lenght in photo, an american Volvo, it was nothing to reach 1,000,000 miles. I liked the checkerboard stripe down the sides, In Detroit it was Checker Cab company using Checker cars

  486. Ron NJ

    I'll say Checker Superba.

  487. bill wells` la grange

    checker cab

  488. B Nelson Phoenix AZ

    This is a Checker Superba, which preceded the Marathon.

  489. Chip M Bourbonnais IL

    Checker Superba

  490. Ed Mucha VA

    1962 Checker Taxi Cab

  491. Mike Kostyra Shorewood Illinois

    Checker A-10 Superba, 1060

  492. Tommy Mac United States

    It's a 1961 Checker Superba...not a Marathon

  493. Ron Simpson Becker, MN

    1963-'68 Checker Marathon

  494. Robert Silver South Bend, Indiana

    A Checker Marathon

  495. Bob Kirchner Rochester, MN

    That is a Chercker Marathon. During the sixties my dad was a cab driver and I rode in many Checkers. Never will forget the "jumper seats" that folded into the floor.

  496. James LeBlanc Houma, Louisiana

    Checker Marathon

  497. Karen Knaebel Novato, CA

    I think it is a Checker A8 Dri-ver matic special

  498. Jeff Bolte Abbeville, SC

    It is a Checker marathon taxicab

  499. Wally Holder Loma Linda, California

    A Checker Superba

  500. Ken Sacks North Canton, OH

    That's a Checker Marathon.

  501. Mike Porter Shady Side, Md

    Checker Marathon

  502. Neil Federman Atlanta, GA

    The car is a Checker Marathon

  503. Dee Maggio Jonesborough TN

    1969 Checker

  504. John Widney Prescott, AZ

    Checker Cab, love your news letter

  505. Nicholas Gabel Loxahatchee, FL

    It's a Checker Marathon of course !!