Name That Star

May 14, 2013

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Star” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

The 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon in the photo belonged to musician John Lennon. You can see additional pictures and read more about the car on

And the winner of the contest is...Marco Pasin, from Delta, British Columbia!

For guessing correctly, Marco will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. steve balash springdale,pa

    Mr Brady from the Bradt Bunch

  2. Melvin Brunet Land O Lakes, FL

    Chevy Chase

  3. Deb Chandler Kalkaska, MI

    John Lennon was the owner of that UGLY Green Stationwagon!

  4. Kevin Paris Los Angeles, Ca USA

    Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch

  5. Tim Conrad Cottage Grove, Mn, 55016

    Mike Brady

  6. Dick Knoll Houston, Texas

    Looks like a 1972 Chrysler wagon.

  7. hank gioiella ct

    john lennon

  8. Don Calaguiro Niagara Falls

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Town and Country wagon

  9. Earl Baugher Albuquerque

    Andy Griffith

  10. lanny broders lake forest, Ca

    That car belonged to John Wayne

  11. Blake Dupon Grand Rapids, MI

    I believe that was John Lennon's wagon

  12. Bill Biancaniello Dallas, TX

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon

  13. JIM DOW Newport Beach


  14. Brian Elledge Las Vegas,NV

    John Lennon's 72' Chrysler Station Wagon

  15. Seth Newville PA

    John Lennon 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon

  16. Dale Hamlin Hendersonville

    Joe Biden

  17. Jim.fraulo Woodmont ,ct.

    Clint Eastwood

  18. Marco Pasin Vancouver BC

    That was John Lennon and Yoko Ono's car. It is a 1972 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon.

  19. Joe New York

    Robert Reed

  20. howard chipman oldsmar fl

    John Lennon!!!

  21. Jim Ganley Cushing, WI

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono purchased this dark green 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon for personal use

  22. Brett McMath Houston, tx

    Mike Brady

  23. David M. Howell Burbank, CA.

    Doris Day owned this Chrysler Station Wagon.

  24. Matt Kemp Indy

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon

  25. Patrick Lane United States

    John Lennon owned thing!

  26. Rick Kellogg Wildomar, Ca.

    John Lennon

  27. Brian Smith Wilmington, DE

    Clark W. Griswold

  28. OJ Dorson Chicago, IL

    John Lennon... for sure!

  29. Larry Adams Gulfport MS

    Carol Brady

  30. Jim Lawrence Mishawaka, IN

    John Lennon and Yoko

  31. Ken NJ

    John Lennon -

  32. Jon Thomas Charlotte, NC

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 72 Town and Country

  33. Mary Phillips Eagle Grove IA

    John Lennon

  34. Rodney Smeltz Harding, Pa

    John Lennon

  35. Ed NY

    It is for sure Mike Brady's from the Brady Bunch show.

  36. Mike McLeod Clemson, SC

    John Lennon's Chrysler wagon.

  37. Jim Schompert pa

    it's a 1972 Chrysler wagon

  38. john nichols Indianapolis

    John Wayne's Car

  39. Ed Arsenault New Hamshire

    Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch

  40. Richard Medynski Mims , Florida

    Ronald Reagan can I win the car ?

  41. Joseph T glen cove ny

    John Lennon and yoko ono

  42. George Proctor Dunnellon, Florida

    June Cleaver owned this- no man would buy it!

  43. Jeff Athens, Ga.

    John Lennon

  44. Mark S Stillwater, MN

    John Lennon's

  45. Eric Sturgis Tacoma WA

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono purchased this dark green 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon for personal use when they lived at the Dakota on West 72nd Street in New York City. The car was registered to Apple Records

  46. Rick Busche Utah

    Jay Leno owns the wagon

  47. Peter H Toronto Ontario Canada

    72 Chrysler Chrysler Town & Country owned by Mr. John Lennon. Had New York plates "LENNON"

  48. Nancy Brewer Ft Myers, FL

    Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch

  49. jim johnson Francesville In

    John Lennon

  50. grant pavolka Anthem Arizona

    The wagon was owned by John Lennon and his wife Yoko.

  51. Bob Milton Colorado

    John Wayne

  52. Neil F Nyack, NY

    Florence Henderson

  53. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    Looks like it belonged to the Brady Bunch.

  54. Phil T FL

    John Lennon owned this station wagon.

  55. Joe Marmorato Milford, NY

    That belonged to John Lennon.

  56. Lyndon Akins Atlanta

    John Lennon

  57. Rod Preble Balsam Lake, WI

    John Lennon

  58. Ken R NC

    Clint Eastwood

  59. Brad Dallas, Texas

    Definitely the Brady's station wagon...

  60. Jay Tenb

    Peter faulk

  61. chuck Phoenix

    John Lennon

  62. Papp in Denver Colorado

    That 70's show car

  63. Dave Thompson NY

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  64. Greg Amaden Marietta, GA

    Warren Buffett

  65. Steve Herron Poulsbo Wa

    John Lennon's Station wagon

  66. Carl Moore Belton, TX

    John Lennon

  67. Dean Sacramento CA

    Chevy Chase

  68. John Kost Leawood, KS

    John Lennon

  69. John Prescott, AZ

    I am pretty sure my cousin Barry Williams ( AKA Greg Brady) owns this car presently.

  70. Garry Reese Las Vegas, Nv

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  71. jim passi ewa beach hi.

    starvista pontac

  72. Bert *0301

    Wally Parks

  73. Bruce Chicago

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon

  74. John Woodhead 57 Pontiac Road Narragansett RI

    John Lennon

  75. Bill Clark Cary,NC

    The one and only Warren Buffet

  76. Marc McClellan Chicago

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon.

  77. George R. Livonia Michigan

    John Lennons 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon. It was his favorite car because of it's practicality and modesty allowed him to travel unrecognized. They dont make Wagons like that anymore!

  78. Ron Stufflebeam Hudson, FL

    I Imagine that it belonged to John Lennon!

  79. Michelle L. Lake Ridge, VA

    John Lennon & Yoko Ono----sold at auction for $5,500 a few years back!

  80. Frank Vaio Miami, FL

    John Lennon while he was living in NY

  81. Steve Haas Sacramento, CA

    John Lennon

  82. Wayne Ft Worth. TX

    John Lennon's '72 Chrysler wagon

  83. Chuck Wineland Monroe, Mi

    John Lennon

  84. josephine sinclair arizona

    brady bunch Mike brady

  85. James Ellerman Arnold, MO

    Bob Hope was always a Chrysler guy.

  86. Carl Vastola United States

    To me it looks like the Vista Cruiser from That '70s Show

  87. Larry Szostak Oak Lawn, Il

    John Lennon

  88. Rob Cerny Michigan

    Mike Brady - The Brady Bunch

  89. Eddy New Jersey

    Kenny Rogers

  90. Diego NYC

    Apple Records was the official owner of this wagon with plenty of evidence showing Lennon was the guy who held the keys. Car is currently in CT as far as I know.

  91. Craig Flickinger Cedar Rapids, IA

    John Lennon

  92. Dave Fossum Redding ca

    Dick Van Patten "Eight is enough".

  93. wilf. higgins toronto ont canada


  94. Jesse Johnson aurora IL

    John Lennon

  95. Tom Phillips Suttons Bay, MI

    John Lennon AND Yoko Ono

  96. Car Show Country Indiana

    John Lennon’s 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon.

  97. Shirley Shusta Ely,Mn

    John Lennon, station wagons were IN then..............

  98. Holly Hays Lake City Florida

    John Lennon

  99. John Minkema Stuart, VA

    John Lennon owned this station wagon.

  100. John Arrowood New Bern NC

    John Lennon

  101. Peter Pohlot United States

    Warren Buffett

  102. Joe Hebert Ashby, MA

    This was John Lennon's favorite car.

  103. Don Desfosse Chelmsford, MA

    That was John Lennon's car.



  105. Danny M. Spartanburg,S.C.

    The station wagon belonged to John Lennon.

  106. Darell Reber Byron, Il

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

  107. larry 702 8th st. lawrenceburg, tn.38464

    john lenno

  108. Steve Merbler Minnesota

    Bob Dylan

  109. Tom Moran Villa Park IL

    Richard Petty owned the wagon and it had came with a 4 speed manual trans.

  110. Thomas Pettie Corinth, Ms.

    John Lennon's Chrysler T&C wagon

  111. Steve Stamper Dayton, Ohio

    Its either a Chrysler New Yorker Station Wagon or Dodge Monaco or dodge Polaris

  112. chester greene kelowna bc

    1972 chrysler john lennon

  113. Bryan Clifton ILL.

    John Lennon.

  114. Rick Colbert Atoka Tn

    1972 Chrysler Monaco Station Wagon.

  115. Dave A Cleveland, Ohio

    I agree with Eric Sturgis. Not only is he right, I'm pretty sure he's a former John Muir Mustang. :)

  116. Eric Locklear Athens, AL

    That was John Lennon's car.

  117. Jeff Arnold United States

    John Lennon

  118. Wayne Ferrier Muskegon

    John Lennon

  119. Lloyd Voyles Michigan

    John Lennon owned the 1972 SherwoodGreen Chrysler Station Wagon. Same color as my 1972 Chrysler New Yoker Brougham that I had restored.

  120. Daryl Kansas

    John Lennon

  121. Dancho Mississauga, ON. Canada

    This weathered 1972 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon, once owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, was auctioned in 2010.

  122. Ron Burley Niagara Falls

    John Lennon

  123. Steve Kaplan Rego Park, NY

    Clint Eastwood

  124. Steve Davis Albany, Oregon

    Clark Griswold

  125. Joseph Nelson Sierra Vista, Az.

    The 1972 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon was owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It had New York personalized plates "LENNON" on it when Yoko sold it after John's death.

  126. jim saba Cocoa, Fl.

    Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch sitcom circa 1970's

  127. terri covello hayward ca

    john lennon & yoko ono

  128. Chicago Tommy Chicago, IL

    Dean Martin

  129. Jackie Holland Toccoa,Ga

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon

  130. Dave Hopkins Spring Hill, fl

    John Lennon

  131. John White Arnprior, ON, Canada

    John Lennon

  132. Alec McMullin Manchester, Massachusetts

    I was the car wash boy at Wellesley Chrysler Plymouth prepping these new beauties after school in the winter of '71-'72. I'll go with John and Yoko

  133. john boyle new london pa

    brady bunch family wagon

  134. Tony MI

    John Lennon

  135. Dan Silva New Bedford,Ma.

    John Lennon

  136. Glenn Barnett Beaver Dam Wi.

    I own a 72 Chrysler Town and Country , same color only with wood grain !! Love it, wife hates it !! It was John Lennon !

  137. Rick Moore Alexandria, VA

    John Lennon owned this car

  138. Mark Marqoette mi

    Got to be Pee wee Herman

  139. rich powers new jersey

    brady bunch

  140. Scott Michigan

    Lennon, John. :)

  141. Randy Varner Greensboro, NC

    I agree with others -- it's gotta be the Brady mobile........The dad, Mike Brady also had a convertible as his daily driver!

  142. Tim L Island of long

    That's John Lennon's POS

  143. Jim L Crater Lake at the moment

    You guys are way off base, that car belonged to Lewis and Clarke. How do you think they got across that epic expedition to the northwest so quick. When I first saw the pic I was thinking Brady Bunch.

  144. Lee Hockman Atlanta

    John lennon

  145. Rich Van Gastel Barrie, Canada

    John Lennon

  146. Steve Beach Leland, NC

    This car belonged to Richard Carpenter

  147. Jim Oberndorfer Connecticut

    This is John Lennon's wagon which recently sold at auction for $5,500. Quite a bargain and great investment.

  148. Walt Schroeder New Orleans, LA

    John Lennon

  149. David Dougan Rackensac

    The 72 Chrysler wagon was purchased by John Lennon And Yoko and registered to Apple records

  150. Pete Johnson rochester hills michigan

    John and Yoko Lennon's 72 Chrysler newport Wagon

  151. Scott Bibbee Texas

    John Lennon

  152. Jim Texas

    John Lennon

  153. lloyd becker taft california

    John Lennon

  154. Seth Summerville, SC

    John Lennon owned this chrysler...along with several other pieces of iron.

  155. Nancy Indianapolis

    John Lennon

  156. A. Hippeli Milltown, N.J.

    The father from the show The Wonder Years.

  157. ats kiuchi Bellevue,WA

    John Lennon and Yoko owned this massive piece of steel - a Chrysler Town and Country 8 passenger station wagon-but not a woodie.

  158. greg c tracy United States

    IMAGINE, that being driven by John and Yoko!What a beast.

  159. Justin Welling United States

    The one and only John Lennon. Helped him to blend in i'd guess.

  160. TJK Mass.

    Chevy Chase

  161. John Inch Canada

    This car was John Lennon and Yoko Oko's way to get around NY without attracting too much attention . . . .

  162. Tony Carter Arizona

    John Lennon and there's no doubt at all.

  163. Jerry Fisher Huntington Beach CA

    Mr Brady from the Brady Bunch!

  164. Paul Rompel Las Vegas, Nevada, Earth

    John Lennon bought this for Yoko to haul her art supplies

  165. Jeffrey Van Ness Alexandria, VA

    It belonged to John Lennon.

  166. Fred Reichwald Spokane, WA

    I think John Lennon & Yoko Ono owned one like this.

  167. jack steagall Escondido ca.

    john Lennon owned a 72 Chrysler wagon

  168. jeff harlow dixfield, me.

    john lennon and yoko ono

  169. Wayne Grey Country Lakes

    John Lennon's 1972 Chrysler

  170. Rick Harmon Rochester, PA

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  171. shawn cole lawrence,ks

    i agree with the ones who say john lennon own the station wagon!

  172. larry biondillo brothers

    john and yoko's wagon

  173. Steve Menkhaus Edgewood Ky

    And that would belong to John Lennon.

  174. Doug Baker Camano Island, WA

    John Lennon

  175. Bob Boston

    During his final years of life, John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono cruised the downtown city streets of New York in a muddled green 1972 Chrysler Town and Country Station Wagon.

  176. Andre Haluska Florida

    John Lennon

  177. Mike Connolley Millet, AB

    John Lennon

  178. Dale Oudkirk Denham Springs, LA

    John Wayne. He was known to drive a SW when he was with his kids.

  179. Ted Logan Newfield n.j.

    John Lennons 1970 Town and Country Wagon.

  180. Steve Bagatti Madrid, Ia

    John Lennon

  181. Ron Stufflebeam Hudson, Florida

    John Lennon & his wife Yoko Ono were the proud owners. It now belongs to a Hank Gioiella.

  182. Bob Hockessin DE

    John Lennon



  184. R. Lee California

    Bob Dylan

  185. kevin claggett Ohio

    Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch

  186. Chip Illinois

    That is John Lennon's wagon

  187. John K New York

    That John Lennons 72 Chrysler Wagon. Very Cool!