Name That Vehicle

April 16, 2013

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Vehicle” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

This is a photo of the Dale, a scam vehicle created by Liz Carmichael's Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation. Liz and the Dale were featured in our Dirty Little Secrets article this month. Jalopnik also recently published a great article on the same subject.

And the winner of the contest is...Cliff Birdsall, from Reno, Nevada!

For guessing correctly, Cliff will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. vince andrews ny

    Its a Dale.

  2. Bob Cominsky Charlotte, NC


  3. Steve Brunswick Anderson, SC

    The Dale

  4. Paul Canavin West Chester, PA

    GM Impact EV

  5. Ben Ament United States

    The Dale by Elizabeth Carmichael in 1974. Actually, the Dale was never produced.

  6. Sara Humphrey Keokuk, IA 52632

    That car is an Isetta!

  7. steve loftin 8180 halley ct. Lorton, Va. 22079


  8. Chaz FL

    It was known a the "One Fugly POS" back in the day...(I think it still is, too.)

  9. Kenneth Larson United States

    The car pictured looks like a French Citroen!

  10. Douglas Brown Canada

    1974 Dale Prototype

  11. John Herrell USA

    The Dale prototype

  12. Charles Joanos United States

    This is definitely a Dale. By Dale Cliff a prototype designed in the 70's

  13. Charles Benson United States

    It's a Dale. One of three prototypes built. Only one had a motor and ran.

  14. Lawrence Kalfayan Los Angeles, CA

    It's the Dale.

  15. Keith Eatwell Canada

    I think it might be a Bond.

  16. Lowell B. Hughes NM

    I Think it is a Citroen Also

  17. Earl Bingham Texas

    The Dale.

  18. Armand Aquilino Syracuse,New York

    It is the picture of the Dale. The automobile was never put into production.

  19. Kent King Flora IN

    Reliant Robin

  20. manny new york

    citreon also

  21. Thomas Reimel Narberth, PA

    It's the Dale from Twentieth Century Motor Car co.

  22. Kurt Belsten Melbourne, FL

    It is a Robin, Made in the UK. It was normally painted BLUE and was GIVEN to the handicapped in the UK by the Socialist Government in the 1970's

  23. glenn new york


  24. Michael Vanover USA

    The car was called a Dale

  25. John W Washington state

    It is a a Dale by Twentieth Century Motor Car Corp. designed by Dale Clifft

  26. Cindy Milwaukie Oregon

    The Dale. no investment made

  27. Cliff Reno, NV

    It is a Dale designed by Dale Clifft, it is a three wheel two seater powered by an 850cc air cooled motor. Only one functional prototype made, it never went into production.


    It sure looks like a Freeway - USA made.

  29. donald reeves Texas

    it's a Dale

  30. Sandra Luisoni Santa Barbara, CA

    1974 Dale prototype

  31. Harry Wiggs USA

    It is a Dale.

  32. dave Canada

    1975 Dale

  33. Judith Wachs Wadsworth, Ohio

    It is definitely a Citroen.

  34. Dan Garfias Dallas, Tx

    It's a Dale... The CEO was Carmichael, a transsexual that was indicted for embezzling money from investors.

  35. Gregg Neubert Bethlehem, Pa

    My final's the Dale!! A very interesting story behind this car.

  36. Dave Mc Lean Beaverton Oregon

    Definitely a Dale, I have an original poster of the car. The promoter was a cross dressing or perhaps sex-changed individual who was big on publicity, short on ethics and totally lacking in providing a viable product. A very interesting story. The car pictured is probably the only one ever built, had a big debut at the LA car show in the early 1980s. She scammed a few million from investors then jumped ship.

  37. Roger Greenville, NC

    It's a Citroen Dale. I don't think it was ever produced.

  38. Jim T Eagan Mn

    It's A Freeway

  39. Rene Rothstein USA


  40. Jim Balbo Arizona

    It's a Dale

  41. Fernando Miami, Fla.

    It is a Dale

  42. Ron Ober Norfolk, Ma 02056

    Definitely a Dale. Does remind me of a Citroen though. I will stick with a Dale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron Ober

  43. John White Arnprior, ON, Canada

    The Dale

  44. bill wells la grange ky

    it looks like a DALE to me

  45. kay coe Boise, Idaho


  46. John Guertin Canada

    Its a Dale which was a joke car (April Fool).

  47. Jack Dodds Glen Mills, PA

    1975 Dale

  48. Paul Stella United States

    it's a Dale Prototype

  49. Dale Dulaney Cleveland, Oh

    The Dale

  50. Marty Bgm, NY

    The Dale

  51. JC Idaho

    You made it too easy, it's a Dale

  52. Chris Hodge Satellite Beach, Florida


  53. cyril bock United States

    the Dale

  54. Andrew Neumann Mankato, MN

    The Dale from the Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation.

  55. Michael long island

    Its a dale proto type

  56. Lionel United States

    Certainly not a Citroen. A Dale...

  57. martin Florida

    It's the "DALE" for certain.

  58. oldcarman Oakland MI

    Of course it is a DaleImpactCitroenIsettaKia!

  59. gerry l. south of Boston

    Dale scam

  60. Bryce Bayles Austin, Texas


  61. James Strade Vegas

    Its a Dale and I will go you one better the brochure is listed on ebay

  62. Jim Slye wilmington, NC

    shaped like a Citroen, but this car is a Dale.

  63. Grant Barlow United States

    The Dale

  64. Jim Cardillo Mercer, Pa.


  65. Julie Ducharme United States

    Maybe the Holden Hurricane?

  66. Bob DeVore Martinsburg, WV

    The car would be a 1974 Dale

  67. Nelson Davis Putnam Ct

    its a Freeway

  68. Jeff Sanders United States

    This is a 1974 Dale. Advertised to get 70 mpg. I don't think it made it to production!



  70. David Smith Langley, BC

    It is the Dale

  71. richard marin elk grove ca

    a puegot

  72. Joe Goetz United States

    Its a Dale................

  73. Kevin Davis Hampstead NC

    That is a Dale, in 1974 the Twentieth Century Motor Car Company was introducing this three wheel vehicle using a BMW two cylinder 850 CC motorcycle engine that was supposed to get 70 MPG and would cost less than 2000.00 dollars and came with a 15 month/15,000 mile warranty.

  74. Jim Texas Gulf Coast

    It's a Dale

  75. Chris Floriduh

    It's about a 1975 Dale from Liz Carmichael

  76. Donna Moores Palm Springs CA

    It is a Dale

  77. C A Thomas Kingman, Ks.

    It's a Dale prototype

  78. Cheryl Coddington Washington

    a Dale

  79. John Williams Ridgefield Wa

    It's a Dale made by twentieth century motor car Co. It was a scam for investors and never produced.

  80. Patrick Lane United States

    It's actually not a classic at all and a car that was never produced but, instead it was a scam: “The Dale: In the depths of the Energy Crisis, a very tall and very brash woman named Liz Carmichael emerged with the “prototype” of a three-wheeled car — the Dale — that would allegedly get more than 80 mpg and be as safe as a conventional car. Claiming to be the widow of the NASA engineer who designed the car, Carmichael solicited “investments” in 20th Century Motors, the parent company of the Dale. When investors inquired further, they found that Carmichael had disappeared, and that she was actually the former Jerry Dean Michael. Carmichael/Michael was arrested after an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries,” discovered working at a flower shop. You can’t make this stuff up.” Read more:

  81. Jack Weiszer Portage, MI

    it's a Dale

  82. aires costa mesa, az

    The dale

  83. Wayne NM

    It is a Dale

  84. Tjeerd van Oene The Netherlands


  85. Brian Olivier NH

    I think the 3 wheeled car is a mumford musketeer

  86. Jackie georgia

    It's a Dale

  87. Bill Emons Woodstock, VT

    It is a Dale.

  88. M. Fries Edge of the cornfield

    Dale, of course.

  89. Jim Sulzbach Madison, Oh.

    I think it is a Citron.

  90. Duane Hewitt United States

    The Dale

  91. Blake Nottingham Titusville PA

    It is a Dale.

  92. Scott Bibbee McKinney, TX

    The Dale

  93. Thomas Simms Hammonton, NJ

    It's a 1975 Dale. A two-cylinder, 40-hp, 85 mph (advertised), three-wheeled vehicle that came with an automatic 3-speed transmission or, an optional 4-speed manual. It had a fiberglass body and sold for just under $2,000.

  94. Damian Macaluso Clearwtaer, FL

    The Dale. It was a scam and never produced.

  95. Bernice Roush Marysville, MI

    General Motors Dale

  96. Bruce Alexander Mitchell, SD

    the mystery car is a Dale

  97. Gary Harris IL.

    The car in the photo is a Dale.

  98. John Signaigo Missouri

    It's a 1974 Dale

  99. Jim Levering United States

    20th Century Motors is the company the model is the Dale.

  100. Fred Reichwald Spokane

    i think it's the Dale prototype

  101. T Wagner Twin Cities

    This is a DALE

  102. Elmer Oltmann Lebanon, OH

    1975 Dale, only 3 prototypes were ever built and only one of them ran.

  103. Paul Lorentzen Akron, Ohio

    Definitely a Dale, no doubt.

  104. Tim Stiles United States

    It's a Dale. See the sales brochure here:

  105. daryl judd spokane, wa


  106. Bob Kirchner Mantorville, MN

    It is a prototype of the Dale.

  107. Jay of Reno Reno, NV

    1974 Dale pre production of course

  108. Wayne Pursh Pittsburgh PA

    Dale prototype

  109. Keith Rupert Brewster, MA.

    It's a Dale

  110. Kenneth Bullard Fort Worth Texas

    The Dale

  111. Ed Baranski Pa

    Dale. The "woman" who headed up this project was actually a man. It was on Unsolved Mysteries.

  112. Max Cook Somerset PA

    It's a Dale.

  113. steve norris carrabelle, fl.

    it's a dale. it is certainly not a freeway, i've owned two of the freeways.

  114. homer mulanax vinita, OK

    looks like a Dale.

  115. Larry Annapolis

    I agree, it's a Dale, a prototype three-wheeled two-seater sports car, from the mid 70's

  116. Kam Skawinski United States

    It is the Dale.

  117. Fred Williams Ottawa, ON, CA

    It is a Dale.

  118. Russ Azbill Phoenix

    It is a Dale

  119. Dave Thornton Michigan

    It's a Dale!

  120. John Kreuz Red Hill Pa.

    It's a Dale

  121. Dancho Canada

    A 1975 DALE

  122. Jimmylee walton Arizona

    It looka a lot like a HM- FREE-WAY Built in Burnsville Mn 1979 - 1982

  123. Nick

    i think its Citroën DS

  124. Lloyd new jersey

    Citroen DS

  125. John Szwast Novi, MI

    It's a Dale

  126. MGACARNUT Chagrin Falls, Ohio

    It's a Dale protoytpe.

  127. james taylor marengo, in

    It looks very much like a citreon but not exactly. I have never heard of a Dale but I am going with the Dale because it is not a Citreon.

  128. Manfred Brooklyn,NY

    IT"S A DALE..////////////

  129. Steadman USA

    High Milage Vehicle Protoype for American made 3 wheeled Freeway HMV

  130. Mike Guertin Wethersfield, CT

    It's a DALE

  131. Chuck Leibel Warren, Mi

    It's the 3 wheel Dale

  132. Nancy Indianapolis


  133. Tim Long Island

    A Dale, can a have my prize now