On the Tube: The Best '70s Movie Getaway Cars

March 12, 2013

If you’re trying to evade the cops on the silver screen, it helps to look cool and retro while you’re doing it. Here, courtesy of YouTube, are the cars from six of the best known “getaway” movies from the 1970s.

Vanishing Point

The trailer is pretty tame compared to the actual film. In this 1970s cult hit, it doesn’t end well for the car or Kowalski — a former cop, stock racer and Vietnam Congressional Medal of Honor winner — who tries to deliver a supercharged 1970 Dodge Challenger from Colorado to California.

The Seven-Ups

Philip D'Antoni, the producer of Bullitt (1968) and The French Connection (1971), returned for this 1973 film that featured a 10-minute car chase with two Pontiacs: a beige 1973 Pontiac Ventura Sprint Coupe driven by NYC detective Buddy Manucci (Roy Scheider) and a black Pontiac Grand Ville driven by criminals played by Richard Lynch and stuntman Bill Hickman.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

In this 1974 car-chase film, washed-up stock car/NASCAR racers Larry Rayder (Peter Fonda) and Deke Sommers (Adam Roarke) flee a small-town grocery store robbery in a 1967 Chevy. The best chase scene of the film comes after Rayder picks up spunky blonde Mary Coombs (Susan George) and a souped-up fluorescent yellow-green 1969 Dodge Charger R/T with a 440-cubic-inch V-8 engine and wicked cool black side striping.

Gone in 60 Seconds

The original 1974 cult classic features Mustangs, Cadillac limousines and Rolls-Royces. It also includes a 40-minute car-chase finale (almost half the runtime of the entire film) with a yellow 1973 Ford Mach 1 Mustang. The chase took seven months to film and involves 93 car wrecks and a spectacular car jump of 128 feet.

Smokey and the Bandit

In a complete lack of respect for the law, Burt Reynolds runs interference in a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am for an outlaw trucker delivering 400 cases of bootleg beer from Texarkana to Atlanta in just 28 hours.

The Driver

This 1978 film opens with the protagonist, named The Driver (Ryan O’Neal), auditioning his skills and talent as a getaway driver in a prospective client’s yellow, 4-door Mercedes V-8 sedan. Whipping around inside a cramped underground parking garage, the elegant Mercedes is pretty much trashed in the first five minutes. But with three spectacular car chases in the film there are many more cool cars to be seen.



  1. larry claypool United States

    Better watch dirty Mary, crazy Larry again- the Chevy get away car in the first part of the movie is a 66, not a 67. One of the better lines in the movie- "locals figure it's souped".

  2. Rick Moulton Massachusetts

    Great movies, great era cars. I have a 1977 Trans Am that was used in several scenes in a movie being filmed partially in Massachusetts last year. I'm hoping it does not get left on the cutting room floor. I was called for the use of the T/A in an upcoming movie being filmed this year based in the same time era. I'm hoping I get the call to bring it in.

  3. Ed M. Chicago

    In the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry trailer that is a 66 Chevy, not a 67 as stated.

  4. Garrett Michign

    The Chevy in Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry is a 1966, not a 1967. In Vanishing Point, the Challenger isn't "supercharged", just a stock but still cool 1970 R/T. You guys completely forgot the two best films featuring cool cars of the decade: Two Lane Black Top features a heavily modified 1955 Chevy Drag car racing cross country vs. a 1970 Orbit Orange GTO Judge hardtop, not to mention awesome street and race track car scenes, and American Graffiti is probably the most enduring of all car films, with it's classic 55' Chevy (actually the re-used, painted up original Two Lane car) vs. the legendary 1932 coupe in bright vibrant yellow with the coolest hot rod motor plainly visible throughout. Hot Rod (AKA Rebel of the Road) with it's use of a Hemi powered 41' Willys coupe and myriad drag cars both displayed and seen in action is also a long time favorite among car freaks.

  5. John T. 06423

    What about the Mustang in Bullitt?

  6. Jeff Tarana

    Aloha Bobby and Rose, The California Kid. Bullitt was a '60's movie.