Name That Vehicle

December 11, 2012

Thank you to everyone who commented on the “Name That Vehicle” photo on the HVA website and the HVA's Facebook page.

This vehicle is a 1937 Oldsmobile Six, featured in the classic movie A Christmas Story. You can read more about it here.

And the winner of the contest is...Norm Engell, from Arlington, Washington!

For guessing correctly, Norm will receive a free HVA ballcap. 


  1. john ragals bedford, ny

    1937 Oldsmobile F-37 Trunkback Sedan

  2. Gerald Perreault Calgary, Alberta

    If the movie you are referring to is "A Christmas Story"; the car is a 1937 Oldsmobile model 6 four door sedan.

  3. Kevin Cincinnati

    It's a 1937 Olds from A Christmas Story

  4. Jean Hutson Bloomington, IL

    A Christmas Story

  5. Michael Lauzonis Albuquerque, NM

    1937 Oldsmobile F37 in A Christmas Story.

  6. Gordon Anderson Needham, MA

    1937 Pontiac Model 26

  7. Don Bader Port Orchard Washington

    1937 Oldsmobile Model F-37 four-door trunkback sedan.

  8. Andy Barnett Price, Utah

    The Parker family car was a 1937 Oldsmobile Model F-37 four-door trunkback sedan.

  9. bill borzillo wallingford, ct.

    1936 oldsmobile

  10. Ronald Cline Williamsport Pa

    1938 Chrysler from A Christmas Story

  11. Robert Beck Wilmington, Mass

    That's a 1937 Oldsmobile. Some men are Baptists, others Catholics. My Father was an Oldsmobile man. " That son of a bitch would freeze up in the middle of summer on the equator"

  12. Dean Proechel Minnetonka, MN

    That is 1937 Oldsmobile from A Christman Story

  13. John Mangan Tacoma WA

    1937 Oldsmobile Six

  14. cw canterbury Fort worth texas

    I have a 1949 gmc truck

  15. Melvin Brown Glendale AZ

    1937 oldsmobile sedan

  16. Tom Bell Naselle WA;523S.R.401,98638

    It is a 1937 Olds Model F37 4Dr Trunkback sedan.

  17. Stephen Louisiana

    1937 Olds

  18. Tony Consorte 306 Noble Drive, Abbeville SC

    The car that you have shown is a 1937 Oldsmobile 4 door sedan.

  19. tom pittsburgh

    1939 pontiac

  20. Sam Humphries Lexington,, KY

    1937 Olds, F37, 4dr Trunkback-"THE CHRISTMAS STORY"

  21. Jim Johnson Wisconsin

    1937 uncle owned one.

  22. Chilijohn Owasso, OK

    It is a '37 Olds 4-door sedan and when the left front tire goes flat, Ralphie dumps the lug nuts out of the hubcap, "Oh, Fudge!"

  23. George DeAngelo Hammond, Indiana

    1937 oldsmobile 4 door. from a christmas story

  24. Len Davis Fort Worth, TX


  25. Ed Arsenault Merrimack NH

    It is a 1937 Olds F47 4 Door Sedan used in the Movie " A Christmas Story" One of the classic christmas stories of all times, right up there with Miracle on 34th Street.

  26. Mayor gary Giberson

    1937 Oldsmobile.... Gene Shepard was a personal friend and ham operator.... A great story teller, and a better friend.....4JWHE

  27. shawn cole lawrence,ks

    it's a 1937 oldsmobile 4 door sedan

  28. Randy Floyd Florida

    1937 Oldsmobile Model 6

  29. Robert Bennett Dunellen, NJ

    1937 Oldsmobile Model 6 Sedan

  30. Jim Cushman Omaha, Ne

    Its a 1938 Odsmobile Trunkback Sedan from "A Christmas Story". "Pesky" lug nuts, "Aw Fudge! But I didn't say fudge!"

  31. T.O.Bauldry Navarre, Ohio

    1937 Oldsmobile 6

  32. T.O.Bauldry Navarre, Ohio

    1937 Oldsmobile 6

  33. Ron DePoto New Haven, CT

    1937 Oldsmobile F-37 Humpback Sedan (4door)

  34. Thelma Betz Broken Bow, NE

    It's a great movie and the car is a 1937 Oldsmobile, Model F 37, 4 door.

  35. Thelma Betz Broken Bow, NE

    Don't know if I mentioned that the car was from the fantastic movie The Christmas Story - 1983.

  36. Don Griffin Ortonville, MI 48462

    1937 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan

  37. Tom Ansley Lima, Ohio

    This car is a 1937 Oldsmobile 6, F series, (F-37), 4 Dr. Touring Sedan. The car was the pride and joy of the "Old Man", (Darrin Mc Gavin) in one of my favorite movies, the 1983 classic, "A Christmas Story".

  38. Tom Hayes 7005 E.Eden rd, Hamburg,New York,14075

    1937 oldsmobile

  39. Mike Appleton

    37 Olds Sedan

  40. tony from bluffton,s.c. bluffton, s.c.

    as an Oldsmobile buff, this is a 1937 Oldsmobile

  41. sam NJ

    I think it is a 1946 Chevy Fleetline.

  42. joe backer grosse pte. michigan

    1937 oldsmobile from christmas story

  43. joe backer grosse pte. michigan

    1937 oldsmobile from christmas story


    Make = Oldsmobile; Model = F37.

  45. Jim Hunka Merrick NY

    It's a 1937 Oldsmobile Six 4 door sedan

  46. gary carlson Fort Lauderdale, FL

    It's a 1937 Oldsmobile. One just like it was featured on "Pawn Stars" a few weeks ago. That particular car was reputedly owned/driven by Bugsy Siegel in Las Vegas.

  47. Norman Engell Arlington, WA

    1937 Oldsmobile model 6 used in A Christmas Story.

  48. Ed Wauwatosa

    1937 Oldsmobile

  49. Michael Adkison Olympia, WA

    Easy. "A Christmas Story", Dad's '37 Olds, a flat tire, flying lug nuts, Ralphie saying F_U_D_G_E!!!( but he didn't say "fudge"), Lifebuoy soap in the mouth and Flick's mother wailing on poor Flick(Ah Mom, what did I do???).

  50. George Farley Westminster, CO

    Don't know the movie, but the car is a 1937 Oldsmobile.

  51. Bob Deull Sanborn NY

    1937 Oldsmobile that was in the movie A Christmas Story.

  52. John S. Fothergill Jr Delmar, Delaware . 19940

    This is a 1937 Oldsmobile model F-37 4 door sedan.

  53. perry higdon dallas,tx

    1938 olds

  54. Scott Birdsong neptune beach Florida

    1937 olds f37 6cyl 4 door

  55. Randy D. Black Rochester Wa.

    37 Olds 4 door I have a businessmans coupe, same nose.

  56. Tommy Burniston Erie, PA

    1937 Oldsmobile Series F-37 four door trunk sedan

  57. Maynard Coiner Princeton, WV 24740

    Its a 1937 Oldsmobile.

  58. Ed Driscoll Beverly ma

    This car is a 1937 F 37 coupe

  59. art fuller kennedale, texas

    1937 Oldsmobile from the "you'll shoot your eye out" movie.

  60. Dave Hopkins Spring hill, Florida

    "My father was an Oldsmobile man" from the Christmas Story.

  61. marcel new york

    1938 Oldsmobile Six Touring Sedan [F-38]

  62. steve pittsburgh

    1937 old's

  63. Mike Des Plaines, IL

    1939 Chevy

  64. carl zappulla barkhamsted, ct

    it's a 37 oldsmobile

  65. Rusty Wheeling, WV

    Ralphie even talks about his Dad's Oldsmobile in the movie. It's a '37.

  66. Rick zanesville ohio

    1937 oldsmobile

  67. Louis A. DiMario Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882

    I love the classics. The auto is a, 1937 Olds, from the movie, A Christmas Story. F-R-A-G-I-L-E. The Leg Lamp proudly sits in my window. A christmas present from my three sons.

  68. Paul Coker Punta Gorda, FL

    Definitely 1937 Series F (6-cyl)

  69. Bruce Fentress Georgetown, Ky. 40324

    The movie is "A Christmas Story", and the car is "the old man's" 1937 Olds "humpback" sedan. It was great how he would try to break his own record at changing a flat. Ralphie wished he had said "oh fuuuudge!" when he dropped the lug nuts!

  70. Herb Clifford Michigan

    1937 OLDS- Best movie A christmas Story

  71. R Dailey va

    Oldsmobile was a 1937 model 6 four door sedan

  72. Charles Black,man Lansing, Michigan

    1937 Oldsmobile Six cylinder

  73. ken Hutchinson Cochrane,Alberta,Canada

    It's a 1937 Oldsmobile 66 sedan

  74. J Gallagher Havertown Pa.

    1937 oldsmobile

  75. Glen Petty Nampa Idaho

    1937 Oldsmoblie F37. From 'A Christmas Story' with Ralphie and the red Rider BB gun.Great car and Story

  76. Wayne Branyon Duncanville,Al

    I think it is a 1937 olds like the one used in a christmas story

  77. Art Harris Clearwater,fl

    It's a 1937 Olds Model 6 and it had an Indiana Tag#56498

  78. Dean Champine Wausau, WI.

    1937 Oldsmobile F7 2Dr Trunkback

  79. Jeremiah Mauricio Tecumseh, MI

    1937 Oldsmobile Model F-37 four-door trunkback sedan

  80. Rick Knight Troy, MI

    The vehicle is a 1937 Oldsmobile from the movie "A Christmas Story". Thanks for the memories.

  81. Damian Macaluso Trinity, FL

    1937 4-door trunck back sedan

  82. Peggy Evansville, IN

    1937 Oldsmobile Model 6

  83. Frank Taylor Gilbert, AZ.

    The cart is a 1937 Oldsmobile. A nice one too!

  84. Bob Stavish, Sr. Wilkes-Barre, PA

    1937 Oldsmobile.

  85. Rob Roddy East Helena, Montana

    1937 Oldsmobile

  86. jimmie roan san antonio texas

    it's a 1937 oldsmobile, glad to see so many readers knew this, sad to see so many were so far off, kinda like reading comments on the nascar sites and realizing the younger generation might as well be watching a ball game. i guess i should just be glad that we have people interested.

  87. Michael Broomfield, CO

    That is a 1914 Stutz "Flying Weasel" from the movie "Chucky VII, A Christmas Bloodbath" - send my hat fedex, I am going to re-gift it!

  88. Mike Phelps Ironton, OH 45638

    1937 Oldsmobile from A Christmas Story

  89. Kenneth White Albuquerque New Mexico

    1937 Oldsmobile

  90. Gary Florida

    It's a 1937 Olds. I have one now, great car and fun to drive!

  91. John Serafin Carrolltown,PA

    A 37 OLDS,one of the most famous cars from a equally famous movie. My old man was a Chevy man , but I had an uncle who cut his teeth on the OLDSMOBILE!

  92. C.W.Cooper Whitesboro, Tx

    1937 Oldsmobile F37 - I only remember it being an Olds. I would have never guessed the year without reading other's comments. Learn something everyday.

  93. Brian Moroney Winston, GA

    1937 Olds from the movie "A Christmas Story"... :)



  95. Paul Seattle

    1938 Oldsmobile

  96. Carl Sanders Clifton Hill, MO

    !938 Oldsmobile, I think

  97. Larry Pearsall Brookville , Pa. 15825

    Oldsmoble , F-37 Sedan , from the movie the Christmas Story..

  98. Larry Pearsall Brookville , Pa. 15825

    Oldsmoble , F-37 Sedan , from the movie the Christmas Story..


    1937 OLDSVXFD5


    1937 OLDSVXFD5

  101. Ray Karrar Hastings Mi

    1937 oldsmobile I have whats left of one of these behind my workshop

  102. steve smith 3650 mount vernon rd, gainesville, ga. 30506

    1938 olds sedan used in "A Christmas Story"

  103. Jerry Kopydlowski Sussex, Wisconsin

    The family 1937 Oldsmobile four-door trunkback sedan from the movie "A Christmas Story".

  104. Jerry Kopydlowski Sussex, Wisconsin

    The family 1937 Oldsmobile four-door trunkback sedan from the movie "A Christmas Story".

  105. Bill Wells la grange ky.

    1937 old's from the christmas story. great movie,

  106. Don Paine 06040

    My folks had this 1036 Oldsmobile series 60, six cylinder L head, I was 14.

  107. Reuben Doggett, M.D. Fresno, CA. 93704-1908

    The car is a 1937 Oldsmobile Sedan

  108. Lynn Merrell roosevelt ut

    1938 olds ,Christmas story was the movie

  109. Ozzie Fowlerville, Michigan

    1937 Hudson

  110. Rick David Warkworth, Ontario

    1937 Oldsmobile

  111. stan Moffett lakebay, WA

    1937 F37 4 Door Sedan....I have one just like it!

  112. Joe Marut Wilhoit Arizona

    This is a 1938 Oldsmobile

  113. Rex Porter Las Cruces

    It's a 37 Olds 4 door when i was a kid we would junk them out for scrap metal,my dad had a bone yard on 2nd ave Dallas Tx.

  114. Fred Reichwald Washington

    1937 Oldsmobile F37 from the Christmas Story

  115. Paul Taylor Victoria, BC Canada

    This is a 1937 Oldsmobile 6-cylinder sedan. The grille on the 8-cylinder is different. We have a 1938 4-door 6-cylinder Touring Sedan. It is #180 of 200 built in Regina, Saskatchewan for the 1938 model year.

  116. John Signaigo Saint Charles, MO

    It is a 1937 F37 Oldsmobile, from the movie A Christmas story

  117. Pete Vistakos Livonia, MI

    It's a '37 Oldmobile F37 4 door sedan

  118. Daniel Carter Zachary La.

    I think this is a 1936 De Soto

  119. William Knopf Columbia, SC

    1937 Oldsmobile F-37 Four-door trunk back

  120. Jim Texas

    1937 Oldsmobile Model F37

  121. Ken Schurr Oak Ridge, NC

    1937 Oldsmobile F37

  122. Kathy Jax, FL

    1937 Oldsmobile Model F-37 four-door trunkback sedan

  123. Jim Blubaugh Columbus, Ohio

    Its A 1937 oldsmobile door sedan

  124. James Simpson Ajax, Ontario

    The Parkers vehicle was a 1937 Oldsmobile Modle 6, 4 dr sedan

  125. Louis Wilcox Pendleton County, WV

    1937 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan

  126. art garibell whitehall, pa

    1937 oldsmobile model 6 4 door sedan

  127. Larry Kwolek Indiana

    This car is definitely a 1937 Oldsmobile model 6 four door sedan.

  128. Don Cole Randolph, Ma.

    From the Christmas Story with Darren Mcgavin as the father. A '37 Olds Sedan.


    In "The Christmas Story" the Parker family rode in a '37 Olds. As young Mr. Paeker stated, "Some men are Baptist, others Catholic, my father was an Oldsmobile man". ~*~ So was my mother! Our (her) 37 Olds was faithful throughout WWII, and beyond. Her next new car - oh to be sure, an Oldsmobile. She never drove anything but an Olds, although my father would have bought her anything she wanted ~*~ he did ~*~ OLDSMOBILE! When I started to university, my car was her "old" dark green '50 four door 98. I may be old but, my memories of the back seat of that '37 Olds is engraved on my heart.

  130. Bill Girimonti Long Island, N.Y.

    The automobile pictured is a 1937 Oldsmobile, model F-37.

  131. Paul Skrocki Rutland MA

    The car is a 1937 Oldsmobile model F-37

  132. Ken Richmond Rhode Island USA

    1937 Oldsmobile

  133. mark winslow saco,me

    It,s a 1937 oldsmobile

  134. Sam Bend, Or

    1938 Oldsmobile Sedan

  135. dave wilber chatham MA

    That's the family's 1937 Oldsmobile sedan from a Christmas story. For longtime Gene Shepard fans, it was the same car that transported the family up to Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss on Clear Lake for their summer vacation.

  136. Tom Mobile, AL

    37 olds sedan

  137. Joe Kuroski Hatfield Pa.

    1939 Oldsmobile 4 door Touring sedan From movie Christmas Story

  138. Richard Smith Grand Rapids,Michigan

    1937 Oldsmobile trunkback 4 door sedan.



  140. Robert Robison Jefferson City, MO.

    That is a 4 door 1937 oldamobile. As a kid I rode in the back seat from southern Illinois to Calaforina and back. My dad always drove oldmobiles

  141. Wayne Twin Cities,MN

    The automobile pictured is a 1937 Oldsmobile, model F-37.

  142. wade brown TRUSSVILLE

    1941 oldsmobile