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August 07, 2012

Curious collectibles, car camping, and reader picks on some of the best celebrity car endorsements of the last 50 years. Check out some of the Facebook comments and website feedback that caught our attention from last month’s edition of eNews.

Curious Collectibles

Talk 1 

In a July eNews story spotlighting “oddly popular”  automotive collectibles (old oil cans, necker knobs, and spark plugs, anyone?), we asked readers to tell us about some of the other great stuff they like to collect. Here’s just a sampling…

“Key chains! Every car driver needs something to put their key on, right? I collect key chains and own thousands of them. Of particular interest to me are the automotive/gasoline/oil related ones—particularly for orphan brands.”

—Rhonda, somewhere in MI

“I collect automobile company employee badges; preferably now defunct companies such as REO, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, Willys, American Motors, etc”.

—D. Yaros, Milwaukee, MN

Car Camping

Talk 2 

July’s eNews article Car Camping: A Timeline got readers reminiscing about some great family camping trips and some favorite camping vehicles—namely vans—that we overlooked…

“I enjoyed your article very much but one vehicle was missing—the Volkswagen Westfalia camper and offshoots of this vehicle. From the first ones produced in the 1950s it continued for almost 50 years. Unlike most of the vehicles you mentioned many of these VW vehicles are ‘alive and well’ and still in frequent use by a larger and, certainly, a more devoted/enthusiastic following than other vehicles you mentioned.”

—Patrick Harris, South Carolina

Talk 3

“Not mentioned in this timeline is the AMC Hornet tent accessory for 1973 & 1974. It was an optional dealer accessory that converted the open hatchback area into a tent camper with mosquito net windows.”

—Denny, Arizona

Note: Thanks for the heads-up, Denny. And you’re right. This photo of the AMC Hornet Hutch Mini-Camper Kit” comes by way of Hemmings Daily, an online blog. According to the article, the Hornet Hutch debuted in 1973 and was available for $61.15 through the Group 15 accessory catalog (part number 8993019).

Celebrities Endorsing Cars

Talk 4 

Our look back at old car commercials featuring once-famous sports and Hollywood personalities got readers remembering other favorites…

“The ones I loved were the old Studebaker commercials with Tom Bosley, Eric Sevareid and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Also the ads for the Studebaker Lark on the Mr. Ed Show.”

—Ed Sallia, Oregon

Rock Hudson and Groucho Marx did some commercials for DeSoto in the late 50’s. Classic.”

—Bob Watkins, Tennessee



  1. D. Yaros Milwaukee, WI

    Hmm? Last time I looked Milwaukee was in WI, not MN. Somebody (me?) goofed!