Facebook Question of the Month: Woodward Woes?

August 24, 2011

Did you feel the love at the Woodward Dream Cruise this year? Share your Dream Cruise experience and connect with other Historic Vehicle Association members at the HVA’s Facebook page.

Reports of drivers being ticketed for operating vehicles with historic or authentic plates in the days surrounding the annual Woodward Dream Cruise have been increasing in recent years. But this year—thanks to the efforts of the HVA and Senator Mike Kowall—the Michigan State Senate recently approved a resolution to honor the Woodward Dream Cruise and commemorate August 2011 as Automotive Heritage Month.   

The HVA is wondering if this special recognition translated into any changes in atmosphere surrounding the cruise. We’d like to hear from you. So head on over to HVA’s Facebook page and tell us about your Woodward Dream Cruise Experience. After you comment, click on the “like” button, and ask your friends to do the same.

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  1. James Larson Waterford Mi.

    First Off 'Thank-you Senator Mike Kowall' for making this years WDC a little more'classic car and driver friendly'. With August being Automotive Heritage Month for 2011, mavbe this could in the future, be 'expanded to the whole summer' so we [classic car owners] can enjoy our Historical/Authentic plated vehicles from say 'May 1st to October 31st'. To pick-up where Michigan's HB 4362 ended. I think whats the 'big' deal if we drive our 'special' plated classics a little? Our summer weather is short enough,than the rain and sometimes being too hot this year. As we drive around, we just may spend a little more money at a Michigan restaurant, ice cream,hotel or maybe show a family member our 'old' car. All without worrying or being hassled by a local Police Dept, saying 'This is not an event day, why are you out'? Michigan Widetrackers car club, VP Jim Larson

  2. Ron McLeod Michigan

    I spent time talking to my local Birmingham Police Department prior to renewing my historical plate about this very issue. Birmingham confirmed something those of us who cruised Woodward in the 60's already knew, the Royal Oak Police have made this an issue. Most other Police agencies along the cruise route will not bother you unless you are doing something stupid or ignore an officers request to move along. I know that they are exceptions but I cruise almost every Friday and Saturday night with a historical plate and have not been hassled by anyone. With tax dollars tight and police departments cutting back, ticketing a historical plate user might seem like easy money, but I just do not see that many historical plates out there to make it worth while for any particular police agency to begin some sort of massive campaign against us. Anything the good Senator can do will be appreciated just in case.

  3. Walter E. Lewis Warren, Michigan

    I was stopped in Berkley during the Cruise for having a Blue 1984 plate on my '84 Chevy Cavalier Convertible. The officer (Tanghe) informed me that he was the Traffic Enforcement Officer, and that the State was NOT issuing the Blue plates for Authentic use, he was completely wrong! When I gave him my license and registration, he still insisted that the State would make me take the plate off of my car, again he was wrong! He informed me that my plate did not show up on the Sec. of State's Computer network, and thus it did not register on his police car's computer. I informed him of what the State required me to do to get the plate on the car (which I don't think he believed me) and he finally told me to go to the Secretary of State to get it straightened out. When I got home, I went to the Sec. of State's Website, found the page I used to obtain permission and found the contact us link and emailed them. I received a reply from a T. Whaley, and was asked if i knew who the officer was who pulled me over. I was able to inform him, he replied to me the next day that he called Officer Tanghe and informed him of the changes. T. Whaley also informed me that the State sends out notices each year to the Local Law enforcement agencies with changes made. Whaley also suggested to me that I copy and keep a copy of the email in my glovebox to show another officer if I'm stopped again for the same reason, as the Blue plates are just now are being authorized for use on Classic cars that are either 84 or 85's.