Did You Know

November 22, 2010

When is a lemon a lemon? What is the connection between FDR and Al Capone? Totally random yet generally interesting facts and automotive trivia.

What is the connection between FDR and Al Capone?

On December 8, 1941, one day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt rode to Congress to deliver his declaration of war in gangster Al Capone's armor-plated limo. The car was then owned by the Department of Treasury following Capone's tax evasion conviction.

How much do American’s sit behind the wheel?

The average American spends about 34 hours per year commuting, while in California that number jumps up to 82 hours. 2007 Texas Transportation Institute’s Annual Urban Mobility Report

When is a lemon a lemon?

Whatever the origins of the expression, state governments have now officially tied defective autos to the beleaguered citrus fruit. In a series of “lemon laws” most states now define an automobile as a lemon if it's been "taken in at least four times for the same repair or is out of service for a total of thirty days during the coverage period, which is usually one year from delivery or the duration of the written warranty, whichever is shorter."

What movie featured the first car chase?

Runaway Match is a 1903 short silent film consisting of nine shots. It has been called the "first auto-centered narrative film" and is generally accepted as featuring the first car chase in the movies.


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