Michigan Advocacy Update: HB 5897

October 11, 2010

Earlier this year, HB 5897 was introduced in Michigan and would significantly impact registration fees paid on all vehicles, including those with historic or lifetime “authentic” plates. The bill is part of a larger measure aimed at raising hundreds of millions of dollars for additional road funding. A summary of the specific provisions of the bill impacting historic and authentic plates is as follows:

  • Currently, you pay $30 for historic plates and they are good for 10 years. This bill would change the law and require that you pay $30 annually.
  • For authentic plates, the current law says that you pay $35 for the plates and that registration is good indefinitely. This bill would change the law and require anyone registering authentic plates in the future pay $30 annually.

The Hagerty Plus and our newly created affinity program, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA)¹, have been in ongoing discussions with House and Senate leadership on this bill voicing our strong opposition. We recognize the need for better roads to drive our historic vehicles on, but we remind our elected officials that the increases for historic vehicles in this bill are grossly disproportionate to our use of the roads because of the significant use restrictions attached to historic and lifetime plates. We will continue our advocacy efforts on this bill and will keep you informed of the bill status.

In the meantime, contact the House Transportation Chair and voice your opinion on the bill.
Call or write to:

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

(517) 373-0828 or
Toll-Free (800) 645-1581



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